Why it is safe to book your vacation on the internet with Global Coach Tours

There’s a lot of talk and concern these days about buying your holiday via the internet. After all, it’s a really large purchase and something you may look forward to every year or it might be a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Global Coach Tours use what we believe is the safest protection method for your money. We don’t hold your money. Whether you pay by credit card, debit card or to our bank, it is deposited directly into a secure trust/escrow account which can only be legally used to pay the tour operator. This account is monitored by trustees and administered  by the Global Travel Group Ltd, (TGTG) a consortium of several hundred UK travel agents.

Some travel agents who are not members of TGTG use a bond rather than a trust account. They can legally use your money in their everyday cashflow to pay other bills. Should they get into financial difficulty or become insolvent and they haven’t handed over your money to the tour operator, it can cause delay and frustration whilst this is sorted out.

Global Coach Tours has been trading from the UK for 15 years on the web and became Ltd (incorporated) in 2002. We have always been members of the Global Travel Group and our membership number is T1174. So look for this logo when booking your holiday.

Consumer Protection

Global Travel Group Customer Protection

Should we or TGTG ever have the misfortune of becoming insolvent, your money will still be in the trust account to guarantee payment to the tour operator, so your holiday can go ahead as planned.

Once the tour operator has been paid, your money is protected and insured by various UK  insurance and bonding schemes such as ABTA and ATOL, as required by the European Directive on package travel.

What about the coach tour operators we sell? Coach tour operators have a much better track record of staying in business than some other holiday companies that rely on the sale of a flight and a hotel by the beach. Cosmos Tours are celebrating 50 years in business this year, Trafalgar Tours over 60 years, Insight Vacations 32 years, Contiki 49 years to mention just a few.

We offer the chance to speak to us on Skype video link, so you can see you are dealing with a real person in the UK and not just a web site.

We at Global Coach Tours look forward to helping you plan your escorted touring holiday or vacation.