The Queens Diamond Jubilee River Pageant – a flag waving frenzy!

It was a rare 4 day weekend with an extra day off for the celebrations. On the 2nd of June 2012 my wife and I left the Global Coach Tours office and headed to London. We stayed at the Hotel Verta which is a 5 star London hotel at Battersea Heliport by the river which had a good offer and overlooks the Thames. You can read my TripAdvisor review here

After a huge delicious breakfast we were set up for viewing the pageant on June 3rd and we joined the throngs to await the Queen’s arrival. This was going to feature around 1000 vessels of every kind imaginable. The most amazing river cruise the Thames had ever seen!

After standing and waving all afternoon, the brave choirs and bands continued to sing and play, whilst we had the good fortune to head home just as the rain began to fall. We felt proud to be British!