Crossing virtual borders to save $2000 on Cosmos Best of Europe Tour

Read this article to save $2,000 on your coach tour

The internet is an unparalleled research tool. If you are considering a trip anywhere from a local restaurant to a hotel in a far-flung destination, everyone is now booking online.

Hotels, car rental, flights. It’s all easier than ever before with the World Wide Web! At the same time it can be very confusing and time consuming.

If you are travelling outside your home country, you can easily find a tour package on the internet and book it with a tour operator based in your home country. Had you considered looking to see if that tour company has overseas offices in the region or country you intend to visit? Exchange rates have a considerable impact on the price you pay for a tour package. Global Coach Tours are authorised agents for many tour companies such as Cosmos, Trafalgar, Contiki and CIE tours. They make comparison shopping easy for you by having a ‘choose your currency’ option on the site. This enables you to look at the web site of the tour operator in your home country and compare prices.

Here’s a sample comparison on the land price of “Best of Europe” by Cosmos as sold in Australia and by Global Coach Tours in the UK

Cosmos Australia website price 10th June 2016 $3798
Global Coach Tours price for the same tour departs London 12th June 2016, same date $2735  – a saving per person of over $1,000 Australian dollars. Prices correct with exchange rates on 11 December 2015 –  UK price does not include 2 nights in London before the tour, worth about $400 AUD. These may be added to your booking or purchased later. However we DO include Eurostar train travel back to London from Paris on the last day.

Surely it’s a ‘no-brainer’? Australians can save $2,000 per couple in 2016 on a Cosmos tour. Whether you are from the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore or anywhere else, we’ll be pleased to compare the price here with your local price for any tour company we sell.

Global Coach Tours have been established for over 16 years and all transactions are financially protected under European law. The terms and conditions for the booking a broadly similar and over the years, many travellers have made combined savings of tens of thousands of dollars. Add local knowledge and personal service from this dedicated family firm, you can be assured of a great experience. They are now doing the same for river cruising, so why not check out the savings and try a little cross-border shopping in the comfort of your own home?

TOSSATASTIC, a great family holiday in Spain.


Oh, Tossa De Mar – what an unexpected treat. Took the family consisting of 1 husband, 2 teenage daughters and a 10 year old son for their first Spanish holiday abroad and what a joy it was.

The resort of Tossa de Mar sits along the Costa Brava coastal region within Catalonia and boasts beautiful beaches and glorious weather. It is also not far from the wonderfully vibrant city of Barcelona with all its rich history and Gothic charm. We took a coach trip from the hotel to Barcelona four days into our holiday and this set us up for a wonderful further ten days of discovery.

Our first stop was at the Parc Guell, one of Gaudi’s most famous and celebrated creations depicting fairytale sculptures and amazing landscape design. The salamander in particular caught the attention of the kids as they have been desperate to buy a real  lizard in any shape or form during the past year.

The salamander in Parc Güell

Next stop was at the La Sagrada Familia, an architectural masterpiece which had its first stone laid in 1882 and whereby its completion is still not finished. Our tour guide advised us that it would take another 80 years before works would be completed including the demolition of an entire block of nearby apartment buildings.

La Sagrada Familia

We even had time to visit Barcelona’s famous Olympic stadium which was originally built in 1927 and renovated in 1989 for the 1992 Olympic Games. We next  checked out the shops along the Ramblas where the kids were in their element and even managed to alarm the street entertainment!

My daughter Lucy shooting the street entertainer!

We managed a few more coach trips but mainly stayed at the resort of Tossa De Mar for the remainder of our holiday. The Hotel was fantastic and it was great not to have to cook and clean for a whole two weeks as every thing was done for you. It was just a matter of getting up, eating and sun bathing – ah heaven.

I would strongly recommend Tossa De Mar as a holiday destination and will certainly not hesitate to go back there again – it was bliss.

Calamity football trip to York

Oh, the perils of taking the family out on what should have been a smooth running gesture of kindness on Hubbies part!!! Not that I’m complaining as I didn’t suffer as nearly as much as him in an aim to provide a day out for me and the kids while he went to see a football match. Said football match was in Leeds, which as it happens, was not far from York and one of my favourite places of all time as we lived there for a time while at university. Anyway, the plan was that me and kids were to be dropped off at the wonderful City of York en-route so we could do some shopping/sightseeing etc.


We should have realised that the day was doomed to end in failure when we stopped in a lay-by next to a field  not far from our very British historical destination to show the children some little baby piggies that were running around. However, when we got back to the car it wouldn’t start (the lights had been left on and the battery was flat). Hubby desperately rang the AA on his mobile and was subsequently told that he hadn’t renewed his membership resulting in 10 minutes of arguing about renewal forms etc which apparently cost him a fortune on his mobile phone. Eventually they agreed they would come out on the condition that he renewed the membership with a credit card there and then. Naturally, Hubby was becoming desperate by this time after calculating the travelling times for the AA man to get to us (he was about 15 miles away apparently), for us to travel to York and then him on to Leeds would not make it feasible to get to the football ground before kick off (unimaginable I know). He therefore agreed to the AA’s demands as we were in desperate need of that jump start. Failing that, he was adamant that he would have to throw himself in front of a passing car praying that they would stop and have some jump leads with them (oh, the drama!)

To move forwards, me and the kids were dropped off in York at around 2pm and thoroughly enjoyed our few hours visiting the old haunts and finding new ones. Hubby, on the other hand, had a much more interesting if not stressful next few hours in store for him ( his account of course so possible embellishments I’m sure – bless). He apparently got to Leeds about 10 mins before the kick off. However, prior to getting there in between York and Leeds he took a call on his mobile (using handset naturally) from a friend whose wife had just left him for another woman and was clearly near suicidal. Although suffering from his own heightened stress levels, he subsequently offered some free counselling on the phone whilst blasting along the M62, He also admitted that his friend’s problems were by no means as bad as missing that all important match (now obviously getting delusional with all the stress). When he eventually got to Leeds he parked at a spot where you can park for free to save the £1.50 that the club charge for parking. Things just deteriorate rapidly at this point for him as whilst he walked the 5 minute walk from the car to the ground with a feeling of smug self-gratified pleasure of saving £1.50 on parking, the heavens opened and he was soaked right through to the skin. He was so wet that he could have gone to the toilet in his seat and no-one would have noticed! He then had to sit in the freezing cold for around two hours whilst his team rewarded him his loyalty by allowing Leeds to thrash them 6-0

As you can imagine, Hubby was not pleased and often wonders what it was that he did, or who he offended in another life to result in his life often being one calamity after another. He did see the funny side eventually but strangely enough does not ask us to accompany him on his football trips any more – funny that. Bad luck happens from time to time, but there is one thing I know for sure. Online sports betting at can be a solution for you if you like sports and want to make the best of it.

I went to Ireland and crashed my car

In the 1990s I embarked on my first ever trip to Ireland The first time I flew to Dublin and met up with friends. The second time, the idea was to do it as cheaply as possible, staying in hostels. I went with my friend Andy and a random girl from Eastern Europe who was staying in Nottingham at the time. I don’t remember how she came to agree to go to Ireland with two blokes she had just met.

We headed out via the Swansea to Cork ferry which was one of the roughest crossings I had ever made. It was an overnight trip. After two pints of stout and an anti-sea sick pill, we managed to avoid parting with our pie and chips supper. The next morning we drove towards Dingle, the Ring of Kerry and Killarney and explored that area for the next three days. The aim was balancing scenery with the fantastic Irish music and pub scene

The trip was planned for a one week stay. Two days before were due to leave, I was driving my blue Golf along a wide open country road near Limerick, thinking about breaking a car lease Swapalease, and as it appeared later – not without a reason. A car and then a van pulled out from a side road in front of us. The van immediately over took the first car, pulling out in front of me. Did I brake heavily or overtake? There was nothing coming for a mile ahead of us, I could see clearly, so I overtook, doing about 50-60mph. The van accelerated quickly and managed to catch up with me, then made a very unexpected right turn. He clipped the back of my car and I instinctively braked. He hit the side of my car again and spun round as I skidded more or less in a straight line towards a dry stone wall. Luckily there was an embankment in front, which slowed me very quickly and not too suddenly and the car avoided a head on smash into the wall. We all walked away from both vehicles bruised, but not injured.

The car was a ‘write-off’, but we were safe. Luckily I had European breakdown and relay cover so I was not out of pocket and we were able to get home. Good thing I had a chance to ask about lawyer that very day – splendid service.

Standing outside a hostel that evening, drowning my sorrows with pint of Guinness, our Eastern European friend opened an upstairs window and a large pane of glass fell out and came whistling past my left ear! Had I been standing 6 inches to the left, my head might not have remained attached to my body. Whilst the incidents of that day have not put me off driving in foreign countries, it is taught me to carefully examine the risks. The rules of the road are applied differently and it pays to travel on an organised tour with a professional driver. Trafalgar Tours and CIE Tours, both offer fantastic trips around Ireland. I highly recommend you take one and of course book it through Global Coach Tours