Discover the World with Contiki Tours for 18-35s

Traveling the world is a dream for many people. When you are ready to travel to another country and immerse yourself in the culture, you will need to plan your adventure. With the help of Contiki tours, you can easily have the great vacation of your dreams.
When many travelers think of tours, they think of rigidly structured tours that give you only hours to explore some of the greatest attractions in the world. When you want to explore the world your way, you will want to choose a tour company that provides you with tons of options so you can see everything that you’ve waited for.
Many tour companies also schedule very little free time for guests. When you are in a foreign country, you will want to see the sites on a guided tour, but you will also want to have some time to explore on your own. Tours that offer this allow you to have a quiet dinner out or explore some of the local shops without worry.
When you book your tour, you will want to make sure you are traveling with your peers. Traveling with people your own age makes foreign tours much more exciting and adventurous. You may also make some new friends along the way. Contiki cater exclusively for the 18-35 age group.
Tours are easy to book and will provide you with plenty of travel options. Customizing your tour will help you get the most out of your vacation. Plan ahead for fun and adventure on your next tour abroad.

Fun and Exciting CIE Tours

CIE Tours offers the best tours of Britain and Ireland. The company, which has been in business for 81 years, is an industry favorite among travelers. One of the main reasons for this is the high level of customer service provided by the tour guides. These tour guides, who are extremely friendly, work tirelessly to ensure that each tour is a huge success. The tours offered by CIE are guaranteed to start on time and are well worth the money one will pay to participate.

CIE Tours Coach - travel in the height of comfort aboard one of our state-of-the-art touring coaches

Relax and travel in style aboard one of the state-of-the-art CIE coaches

CIE offers tours of many different travel destinations. Some of the most popular and well-known of these places are Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Italy, and Eastern Europe.

Each one of these wonderful travel destinations offers visitors a fun and unique experience. People have the option to register for an independent or a group tour. The independent tours are highly organized and give travelers a multitude of attractions to choose from. These tours are customized to meet each individual person’s desires.

The same holds true for the group tours. These tours are classified as either a brochure tour or a customized tour. CIE gives travelers a list of tourist sights and attractions. It is up to the traveler to choose which places they want to visit. The professionals at CIE are always available to help people out with these decisions. They make it a point to do everything in their power to ensure that each one of their clients has a safe and exciting travel experience.

A Cheap Theatre Break in London

There’s no doubt that the West End of London has some of the best theatre productions in the world. Or if you live in the USA, ‘theater’. However the prices can be a little steep. If you are prepared to decide ‘on the day’ what show you would like to see there are bargains to be had in decent seats.

First of all if you don’t live in London, work out how you are going to get there. The choice of show may be spontaneous, but by planning your travel ahead, you can get to and from London for between £3 and £10 return. Try this site for buses and trains at super cheap prices when you book a few weeks ahead.

Secondly, you will need to stay the night. It’s feasible to go home after the show, but more fun to stay and enjoy the buzz of the West End. There are now so many hotel booking websites that it’s very tiresome to compare the prices on all even a few of them. Metasearch to the rescue! Hotels Combined compares hundreds of travel sites in one search to find you the best deal.

Just the Ticket

Now to purchase your ticket. You won’t often find the ‘hottest’ shows reduced like Wicked, but the shows which were hot a year or two back may now have reduced tickets available. Shows like Spamalot, Billy Elliot, Jersey Boys. There’s sure to be something to please you.

TKTS Leicester Square

TKTS latest minute ticket office Leicester Square

I visited the official half price and discount ticket booth of the Society of London Theatre on Thursday 16th May to see what they had on sale. You can also check online via their website TKTS

So you can compare their prices with other booths off Leicester Square, here are three pictures. The first two are TKTS then the next one is another ‘half price’ ticket booth 50 metres away. If the prices are very similar, check where the seats are located. The best seats are likely to be with TKTS

TKTS tickets for sale on 16th May 2013

TKTS tickets for sale on 16th May 2013

TKTS prices on 16 May 2013

TKTS prices on 16 May 2013

Do not buy any kind of tickets from scalpers who may approach you in the street – ticket touts are unfortunately still common around London’s Theatreland. You will almost certainly be overcharged, and could be sold an invalid ticket.

Leicester Square Box Office

Leicester Square Box Office

So you stayed the night in London. Why not extend your stay with some sightseeing?  One of the best value attractions and a great introduction to London is the Hop On Hop Off bus tour – you often save money by booking online in advance. So why not plan all your visits in advance and skip the lines at the more popular attractions like Madame Tussauds and the London Eye? Just click here to book them all

Now for a real example of a 2 night bargain break. Price correct on 18th May 2013

2 guests travelling from Leeds to London via Megabus  just £20 return!

  • Journey: Leeds , Kirkgate, opposite Cross York Street to London, Victoria Coach Station
  • Date: Friday, 14 June 2013
  • Number of Passengers: 2
  • Leaving: 09:20
  • Arriving: 14:00
  • Price: £10.00

2 nights at the Imperial Hotel London with breakfast included £250.00   – This for a central location 15 minutes walk from the West End. You can slash your hotel bill by either staying further out – use the filters in the search to set your own price and area. Or look for hotel bargain rooms with Travelodge and Premier Inn as they have sales every so often for £19 or £29 rooms, but you have to be really quick to get a London one!

2 tickets to Spamalot – estimate £45 – (they have to be bought on the day so we don’t know)

  • Journey: London, Victoria Coach Station to Leeds , Kirkgate, opposite Cross York Street
  • Date: Sunday, 16 June 2013
  • Number of Passengers: 2
  • Leaving: 18:00
  • Arriving: 22:25
  • Price: £10.00

TOTAL FOR TWO :  £315.00

Happy bargain hunting and enjoy your London concert or theatre break

Bed hopping around the world

Double, Single, Queen, King, Twin, Triple, Quad, Suite, Full Size, Wide Double, Olympic, Super King, California King, King Long, Stateroom?
These are all terms used by bed mattress makers worldwide, but when it comes to travel, they mean different things in different countries!

We all like a nice comfy bed after a busy day sightseeing on an escorted tour of Europe or Britain.

A double bed in a London hotel

A double bed in a London hotel

At Global Coach Tours, we are always explaining the terms, so at last, here is the full explanation you wanted, but were afraid to ask.

All these terms are bed configurations within rooms, except did you spot the deliberate mistake?
The word ‘stateroom’ is not a bed, but is a type of room used on board ships and river cruise boats.

Four poster

A romantic four poster double bed in a country house hotel

A single room or bed in North America might mean ‘a room’ rather than a suite, but in Europe it means a room for one or a bed wide enough for only one person to sleep in.

Touring by coach in Britain & Europe you will get a “twin room” as standard. That’s a room with two single beds in it  (approx 90 x 190 cm aka a twin). If you are travelling as a couple, you can request a double (aka a full size bed) but as you will be staying in a variety of hotels, demand may outstrip supply in some hotels. You should get your request fulfilled for most of your tour.  The size of a double will be at least 140 x 190 cm, but you may get a larger bed in some hotels.

Put simply, request ‘double bed’ if you are travelling as a couple and like to sleep in the same bed. This means one larger/wider bed sleeping two, rather than two narrow beds sleeping one person each.

A triple room can either be a double plus a single or three singles. A quad room could be any configuration that sleeps four people, including two separate rooms.

Are you travelling alone? Touring with Trafalgar, Insight and Cosmos, single room prices apply if you want a room to yourself. If you wish to save money, on most tours you are guaranteed to be matched with a room mate of the same gender at the start of the tour and only pay the standard twin-share price. Should there be nobody to share with on day 1 of the tour, you would get a single room at no extra cost, but this doesn’t happen very often. The only way to be guaranteed a room for sole occupancy is to agree to pay the single room price when you book. 

For a definitive explanation with exact bed sizes, please see this Wikipedia article



A Day Trip To York!

Wow, just had a totally amazing day in York with my sister Sue!

Sue Carolyn and Coco

You’d think that I’d be bored of the place since I’ve lived in York in the past (during my husband’s University of York years) and visited the place so many times since. But no, you can never tire of a place like York!


Hubby’s (second from the right) graduation day.


The majestic York Minster.

We started the day with a spot of lunch at the world famous Bettys Café Tea Rooms. Quite simply, Bettys Café Tea Rooms are traditional tea rooms serving traditional meals with a winning combination of  influences from both Switzerland and Yorkshire. The St Helen’s Square café in York became Bettys’ York flagship. Apparently, It was inspired by the magnificent RMS Queen Mary cruise liner and became increasingly popular, especially during World War II when the basement ‘Bettys Bar’ became a particular  favourite with American and Canadian ‘Bomber Boys’ who were stationed around York. Many of them engraved their signatures with a diamond pen on ‘Bettys Mirror’  which remains on display at the branch today.


The main Café Tea Room at Bettys in York.

After much contemplation, we decided on the delicious salmon and potato salad finished off with a mouth-watering dessert, and of course, the obligatory glass of crisp white wine to accompany it! After we had finished lunch, we browsed through all the tempting array of delicious Yorkshire and Continental confections in the shop and ended up buying their famous Fat Rascals plus their more recent Little Rascals!

Bettys Shop full of delicious looking treats!

Bettys Shop full of delicious looking treats!

Purse out - Strike a pose!

Purse out – Strike a pose!

Next, our mission was to hit the shops big time! York has a fantastic mixture of independent, high street and antique shops to choose from. The amazing boutiques and  beauty shops particularly caught our eyes and provided an experience well beyond any of our normal shopping days. Wandering around Stonegate and The Shambles is always a highlight in any trip I’ve made to York as the web of cobbled streets create a magical set for any shopping expedition.


Amazing medieval architecture!

Let’s also not forget the wonderful choice of delicatessens, themed cafe’s and beer gardens readily available for when you need that well deserved rest!


The Shambles wonderful cobbled streets.

Having had our fill of shopping, we next decided to explore the magical York Museum Gardens. Visiting these gardens is an incredible experience as you become witness to some of the most fascinating and historically rich buildings in York. From the remains of a Roman Fort and Anglian Tower to the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey Church, the buildings signify the rich and varied past of York’s Roman and Medieval history in glorious detail.

The Hospitium – a 14th century listed building linked to St Mary’s Abbey ; now used as a conference and wedding venue.

With the beauty and rich history of the sights we had just witnessed still in our minds, we decided to go on and look for another kind of history altogether –  GHOSTS! There are apparently numerous ghosts that have been witnessed over the years in York and  their famous ghost walks are a good way of exploring these ghostly legends. I’ve joined ‘The York Ghost Walk Experience’ in the past and found it to be really insightful and sad, as well as downright creepy. However, the place I really wanted to see again was the the ‘Golden Fleece Inn’, which has appeared on the television programme ‘Most Haunted’!


Nothing better than having a nice glass of wine in the company of ghosts!!!

Unfortunately, the day had to end too quickly and our thoughts had to decipher where exactly we had parked the car! No worries, we had a little help on the way from a family of geese which cheered us up no end as we had to leave the gloriously ancient yet vibrant City of York! For now anyway – we’ll be back, watch this space…………….


So cute! The little baby had trouble getting up the step but managed in the end.