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There is no more inspirational way to discover the world than with Insight Vacations because their luxury and premium escorted journeys are unique and designed with immense dedication and care. It’s the introductions to amazing people, the authentic encounters, extra personal touches and carefully chosen little surprises that make Insight stand apart when it comes to luxury guided vacations.

Travel Europe with Insight Vacations and know you are in safe hands.

Map of France

As far as location goes, France has been a major attraction for people the world over for decades. Central to European history for centuries, France and its penchant for art, architecture and gastronomy has made it one of the world’s top destinations.

From the WWI Battlefields of the north to the southern sun-baked landscapes of Provence, France never ceases to amaze. Scale the heights of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, seek out the masterpieces of the Louvre or follow the impressionist’s trail to Monet’s house at Giverny. For a touch of class, experience the splendours of Versailles and the Chateaux of the Loire Valley.




The Louvre, France



Provence, France


Map of Germany

Revolution and evolution have shaped the Germany we know today. From the booming financial district of Frankfurt to the remains of the iconic Berlin Wall, you’ll find countless examples of the nation’s colourful heritage.

From fairytale castles along the Rhine to Munich with its charming cobble-stoned streets; famous beer halls and festive spirit. From Nuremberg for the mighty ramparts, traditional markets and St. Sebald’s Cathedral to the medieval city of Rothenburg, be entertainment with rousing songs and dances in taverns and beer gardens, colourful carnivals in Spring, spectacular fireworks displays during Summer and wine or beer festivals in Autumn.





Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria


Map of Switzerland

Sat in the very heart of Europe, with four official languages and a rich cultural diversity, Switzerland is a land of contrasts. It is surrounded by snow-capped summits and romantic lakes, charming cities and towns and spectacular scenery. It is also home to world-famous watches and delicious chocolate as well as an international reputation in banking and insurance.

To fully appreciate Switzerland’s glorious lake and mountain scenery, take a cable car ride, scenic train journey or a steamer cruise across the expanse of Lake Lucerne on a beautiful summers day or crisp winters morning. Then enjoy evenings of traditional entertainment such as yodelling, flag throwing and performances on the mighty alphorn.



Snowy Switzerland


Glacier Express, Switzerland


Map of Italy


Italy is a culturally rich country with its wealth of Renaissance architecture, Roman history and priceless art.

Scenically, embrace the Apennine Mountains, olive groves and vineyards of Italy’s Mediterranean south. Enjoy the wonderful palaces and squares, magnificent cathedral and superb art collections in the Accademia and Uffizi galleries in Florence, and trace the course of history through 2500 years from the grandeur of the Forum and Colosseum, to the grandiose Altar of the Nationis in Rome.  Venice is simply unique with its maze of narrow streets, canals and unexpected city squares, while you’ll also find Murano glass and porcelain carnival masks in the many exquisite shops.



The Colosseum



Exquisite porcelain carnival masks


Map of Spain

Spain is one of the most diverse and visually stunning nations of Europe where vibrant, cosmopolitan cities contrast with sleepy villages, lost in time. Spain has fiercely independent regions, each with their own culture, gastronomy, folklore and language. As anyone from Bilbao or Barcelona and they will attest; they are Basque and Catalonian respectively, not Spanish.

Spain’s Costa Brava is one of the most dramatic coastlines in the Mediterranean and the lively port city of Barcelona bursts with cutting edge creativity from its impressive old town to the daring architecture from the Modernist period (1890-1920). Further south find Seville, the breathtakingly romantic regional capital of Andalucia,which has a landscape painted with orange trees and scattered whitewashed houses.




City of Barcelona



Andalusia, Seville


Coach Tour Versus Independent Travel?



Travel can be costly at the best of times, especially if you try and arrange a trip on your own by booking each part of the trip separately.

This is where an organised tour comes into its own, taking the hassle out of travelling and  saving on cost.


What’s more, organised tours offer an appealing product that provides expertise and security as well as great value, with a minimum of stress.

Not only great value, CostSaver by Trafalgar take the hassle out of your holiday by running expertly organised trips to suit everybody.



Reasons why organized tours are the best:

  •  You know you’ll see the main iconic sights.
Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire, England, about 2 miles west of Amesbury and 8 miles north of Salisbury.



  •  Making lasting friendships whilst on tour is made easy.
Picnic at Effel Tower 300x150

Make lasting friends


  •  Every last detail taken care of.

Everything taken care of including check-in, tips, tolls and porterage.


  •  Help with language or culture barriers.
Local specialist.

English speaking local specialist.


  •  Tours provide more peace of mind.

Always an experienced person there to help get medicine or look after you if taken ill.



  •  You get higher quality and  better value with an organised tour.
Airth Castle Exterior 300x150

Tour providers get amazing hotel rates that are reflected in the total tour price.



But don’t take our word for it, take a look at the table below to see the amazing difference.


Here’s a comparison of a CostSaver 15-day tour that takes in London, Venice, Rome and other important cities. See how much more you get compared to travelling on your own.

15- day independent holiday  
Stay in quality, handpicked hotels with tips taken care of.
£775 + tips
Spend time researching and booking hotels.
Travel with an expert Travel Director with Local Specialists in Vienna and Rome. Plus get VIP entry to selected major sights and cruises on the River Rhine and on the Grand Canal Venice.
£193 + tips
With no included guides to help, you’ll be waiting in line at sights.
You get 16 breakfasts and five dinners , tips included.
£279 + tips
Spend time researching quality restaurants and making reservations.
Travel on a luxury coach with on-board WiFi and all fuel, toll charges and parking included.
£876 + tips and parking
Pay for car hire, navigate foreign roads and language barriers.
Total (Per Person) £1450 £2123


* Based on a 29th May departure

Discover Europe the CostSaver way from £66 per day!



Yes, you can really travel Europe the CostSaver way from £66 per day!

With CostSaver, go beyond the expected on a budget from only £66 a day.

CostSaver holidays show you much more than just the usual icons and offer a good range of optional experiences.

Like on their 13-day Splendours of Italy tour where you get to see St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and a traditional glass-blowing workshop in Venice. Plus, you are given the option to visit places like the ancient Catacombs.


St Peter’s Basilica



  • CostSaver is the perfect way to discover a destination for the first time. You’ll enjoy incredible inclusions and unbeatable value on every trip.

  • You’ll enjoy an amazing tour that always includes breakfasts, an expert Travel Director, Local Specialists and more.

  • Your Travel Director gives you a real flavor of the destination. With their knowledge, past experience and passion for the destination, they’ll take care of all the organisation, so you enjoy a no-hassle holiday.


With CostSaver you’re always guaranteed just the right handpicked hotels, all your breakfasts, and up to half your three-course dinners.


Delicious meals

All that, plus all the things you can’t put a value on. Here’s how CostSaver put their competitors in the shade:


CostSaver                                                                                                                                                     Leading Competitor

How good is the itinerary?
96% Guest Review Rating*
90% Guest Review Rating*
How good is the service?
96% Guest Review Rating*
90% Guest Review Rating*
Airport Transfers
Always Included
2-3 options running per day**
Not included, additional cost of £28 or more per person
Travel Directors
Recognised as the best in the industrythanks to Trafalgar’s on-going, bespoke professional development programme
Have received an initial induction but no on-going training or professional development


* Reviews Ratings via Feefo for 12-month period ending July 2015  ** Except itineraries starting and/or ending in London.