Christmas & New Year 2015/2016 Coach tours!

Again, it’s that time of year when we start to think about Christmas Time.



Whether it be thinking about what presents to buy, worrying about who to invite on Christmas day or  just stressing about the cost of it all, the build up to Christmas can be eventful to say the least.




There is an alternative though. Why not spend Christmas doing something else instead by taking a coach trip and letting other people take all the stress!

I’m not saying you should do it every year but every now and again won’t hurt. What’s more, there are coach trips designed especially with Christmas and New Year in mind.




Expat Explore do an excellent tour of Britain around the festive season called the ‘Great Britain Christmas Tour’.

 The tour starts in England, taking in beautiful Cambridge and the great City of York, before heading into Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh where you will celebrate Christmas Day. You will then experience the amazing scenery of the Scottish Highlands while travelling to Liverpool – the home of ‘The Beatles’ and two world famous premier league football clubs! Next, head to Wales’ Capital, Cardiff  before visiting the birthplace of William Shakespeare – Straford-upon-Avonand. Next stop is Bath – a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring some of the finest architecture in Europe. Enjoy a guided walking tour of the town, and learn about the historical significance of the region, including the natural hot springs which supply the Roman baths the famous Roman Bath site in Bath.



Bath’s famous Roman Baths


Christmas time and New Year in Europe is also a fabulous place to be. Full-blown winter in Europe arrives in December and lasts until mid-March, and for most of Europe, winter is really cold. But winter in Europe is a celebration that greets you with the true warmth of festive joy and cheer. Snow-covered rooftops, Christmas markets and cities decorated with amazing displays of light will take your breath away.



Christmas market


Expat Explore also do an excellent tour of Europe called the ‘Europe Christmas Taster Tour’.

The tour starts in London and takes you on to Paris where you will see some of the city’s most treasured landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower! Spend two days in Paris before heading off to the Swiss Alps and the dramatic Swiss mountain scenery. Spend two days here soaking up the wonderful snow-capped peaks and tumbling mountain waterfalls. Take an optional excursion up to Jungfraujoch, the highest train station in Europe! Next, travel to Germany’s famous Rhine Valley and relax on board a Rhine riverboat which takes  you to your hotel in the heart of the Rhine Valley. This is the most concentrated stretch of castles in all of Europe, and it also features vineyards, charming medieval towns and lofty cliffs – wonderful at Christmas. For the next two days you can enjoy Christmas time in the Netherlands and Bruges, both enchanting places at the best of timers, never mind Christmas!



Bruges at Christmas


Some of the most popular and impressive destinations in Europe are just waiting to be explored on these Christmas and New Year tours. Recapture the magic of this wonderful time of year by doing something a bit different and discovering Europe’s Christmas cultural traditions as well as the truly delicious Christmas treats that are created especially for this magical time of year.


Jump on board & Explore 2016!

There is never the best time than the present to live your life to the full.

Don’t dwell on the past and certainly don’t worry about the future, live your life for what it is now and not what it might be!

Good advise, if I say so myself, but that won’t stop me from looking forward to a family wedding, an upcoming festive event or a well deserved future holiday.





 Why should it? A positive goal is also what life is about, and without these goals, we have lost a purpose in this vast world of ours.

A purpose in life is what makes us, as human beings, thrive and prosper. Without it, we may feel disillusioned and depressed and just want to fade away.

That is why I am determined to book that holiday that may be more than a year away. 

I’ve already confirmed some great breaks this year, including a great Expat Explore trip, and boy, does it feel good.


I now look forward to the many shopping trips for the vast amount of shoes and clothes I may need!


Necessary accessories such as bags, hats, sunglasses etc, etc……!!


 Maybe even a new hairstyle!



If you are looking to book a Europe holiday for 2016, Expat Explore have an amazing selection of fantastic deals that offer you a great value way to see the continent at its best! 

All of Expat tours include quality accommodation plus transport in modern, comfortable coaches with one of their friendly tour leaders to guide you on your journey.

All their tours are superb value full stop, so these extra special rates will not last forever. Jump on board quick like me, they won’t last long!



Europe Taster

 Europe Highlights
10 Days from £649

Europe escape

Europe Escape
12 Days from £779

best of europe

Best of Europe
22 Days from £1399

Awesome Amsterdam Weekend!

Amsterdam is the sort of place you just have to experience in a lifetime. It’s also a destination you can enjoy for a long weekend to celebrate any kind of life event or just for a long, lazy break from work.


However, if you only visit Amsterdam once in your life, try and make sure your visit coincides with April 27 which is where the Dutch people celebrate King’s day – the worlds largest street party!


Expat Explore offer a 4 day tour of Amsterdam and the Dutch country side where you can explore the Dutch capital and enjoy the world’s largest spring flower garden, the Keukenhof, in full bloom. Even better, the dates coincide with the King’s day celebrations!

You start the weekend extravaganzas by travelling from London to Amsterdam. Arriving in the evening, you then get to enjoy a complimentary Amsterdam canal cruise before having the chance to explore the canals and Dam Square, browse the many boutiques and enjoy your time in this fascinating city.



 The following day, head for the Dutch countryside and stop at Keukenhof, the world’s largest spring flower garden, where around 7 million flower bulbs explode in a riot of colour.


The next stop is Zaanse Schans, a beautiful Dutch windmill village as picturesque as a postcard and ideal for those fabulous photos. 


Further along the day, you will visit a cheese farm, where cheese is still made using traditional methods,  see a clog-making demonstration, detailing the processes behind the manufacture of traditional Dutch clogs or ‘klompe’ and then off to the famous Dutch fishing village of Volendam, where you’ll see old fishing boats and locals wearing colourful traditional dress.



file0001498099296 (1)

  Back in Amsterdam, why not visit some museums such as the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House which is a historic house and biographical museum dedicated to Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank. Why not also visit the Heineken Museum which has an interactive tour through the beer giant’s history in its former brewery, with a tasting room finale.




On day 3, soak up the atmosphere as Amsterdam gears up for a massive party as it’s officially King’s Day and the celebrations will continue well into the night! Head into the centre of town to catch the party in full swing where locals and visitors alike will be enjoying themselves in the city, celebrating this Dutch holiday. Hire a bicycle or board a barge to explore the city further, every corner of this vibrant city has a story and can be a truly rewarding city for those who seek out its best bits. Explore the bars and the street-party atmosphere of Amsterdam – this is the biggest party of the year!




What’s more, the ‘Amsterdam King’s Day Weekend’ tour travels back to London via the Belgian city of Bruges! This popular medieval city has delightful historic old churches and lofty towers to admire and explore. It is also famous for its beer, waffles, chocolate and moules et frites, so take to the cobblestone streets and find exactly what you are looking for!



Guaranteed Expat Exploring!

See Europe for less with the ‘exceptionally good value for money’  Expat Explore Tours!

expat Coach-Pics5

Expat Explore Travel brings the wonders of Europe to you with an outstanding selection of coach tours to suit everyone!

What’s more, their comfort tours are guaranteed to operate, so you never have to worry about your tour being cancelled at the last minute.

 Expat Explore Travel offers an amazing range of Comfort Tours to Britain and Europe ranging from 7 to 26 days.

These comfort tours provide twin-share accommodation with en-suite facilities and visit some of Europe’s most famous destinations, offering travellers an unparalleled range of activities and opportunities to explore each destination.

Their knowledgeable tour leaders offer historical and cultural context for each of the destinations you visit, and along with their walking tours, you’ll get superb insight into the fascinating history of Europe’s main cities.

Try local cuisine, interact with the locals, take part in a range of included and optional activities, and have the holiday of a lifetime!


For example, their ‘Europe Taster tour’ visits France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium to give you an amazing taste of some of the different cultures of Europe.

This tour  is a perfect introduction, ideal for first timers or those who want to do as much as possible in 7 days.  You will get to see all that Paris has to offer, have fun in the snow in Switzerland, cruise the Rhine Valley and the canals in Amsterdam and even have time for lunch and chocolates in Bruges on your way home.  Lots of other experiences included and great value for money.

 Europe has a vast history of diverse cultures but  the history and sightseeing opportunities in the UK are also extraordinary.

This is why Expat Explore allow a full 7 days to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the highlights on their ‘Great Britain tour’.

This coach tour of England, Scotland & Wales explores all the parts of those three countries which make Great Britain a ‘great’ place to visit!

The tour starts in England, taking in beautiful Cambridge and the friendly northern city of Yorkshire including York. It then heads into Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh and on to the amazing scenery of the Scottish Highlands, then finishing in Wales’ Capital, Cardiff and the famous Roman Bath site in Bath.


Wherever you decide to visit, an Expat Explore tour promises a guaranteed departure date, great value for money and an excellent adventure – what are you waiting for?



How do I choose a coach tour when there’s so much choice?

We feature many brands of tour companies. There’s a simple way to decide on which brands to look at first. By age group and budget.

Contiki tours are ‘fun and funky’ but only available to you if you are 18-35 years old. We are sorry if you are young at heart, but this policy is strictly adhered to. If there are two of you travelling as couple, Contiki will consider you if ONE of the partners is 17 and has permission from a parent or guardian. Or 36/37 might be considered if ONE partner is 35 or under. They have a worldwide choice of destinations at competitive prices. In Europe they have tours for different budgets such as hotel, resort and camping.

A new arrival in the last few years is Expat Explore They are aimed at 18-40 age group, but unlike Contiki they don’t have an upper age limit. Just as long as you are fit, healthy and young at heart you are very welcome on their budget ‘comfort’ tours which are amazing value.

Can I bring my baby and my great grandma?

The minimum age is 8 with Cosmos.  With Trafalgar and Insight it’s 5 years. The tour operators decided years ago that small children don’t enjoy coach touring and they introduced these lower age restrictions. There is no upper age restriction. Apart from the Contiki brand, the average age on most coach touring vacations is 50 with a fair mix of 20s-40s and retired folks. 50 is just an average and it’s impossible to know the exact age groups on any given tour.

If you are in good health and can walk at a gentle pace without difficulty then coach touring is for you. If you can’t walk very far, but can manage the steps on and off the coach you will still be able to participate in most of the tour. If you use a wheelchair we must know about this in advance, it must be the fully collapsible, manual kind, not electric. You must be accompanied by an able-bodied companion who is capable of helping you on and off the coach and pushing your chair.

Premium, First Class, CostSaver or budget?

If you look at individual tour pages you will see a price per day for the tour. This is shown so you can easily compare the cost of one tour with another. It varies considerably from country to country. For example the cost of premium touring in Morocco is much less than Scandinavia. For all brands, all hotel room bathrooms are private, you don’t have to leave your room!

Insight is a premium first class brand. Insight guests expect and receive personalized service, balanced itineraries and carefully chosen, well located first class and premium first class hotels. The coach has a maximum of 40 guests and extra legroom seating.

Trafalgar has both a First Class and CostSaver brand. Both provide exceptional value for money, with the same professional service of a Tour Director and Driver and comfortable coaches. First Class tours include First Class Hotels, buffet breakfast daily and more sightseeing inclusions. CostSaver hotels are guaranteed Superior Tourist class or better and continental style breakfast daily. Dinner is provided on selected nights.

Cosmos Tours are great value budget tours – hotels vary between 2-4 star, but are usually in edge-of-city locations or at airports. For European tours they include breakfast and some dinners. They don’t include any food on their USA tours.

CIE tours are the market leaders in tours to Ireland and are fantastic value for money

Leger Holidays are budget tours aimed squarely at the UK and special interest market, such as battlefield tours and Disneyland Paris. All other brands above are for worldwide English speaking clients.

Just You are part of the Page & Moy group and are primarily for single UK travellers. Their big selling point is ‘no single supplements’. You always get your own room. With Cosmos, Insight and Trafalgar you can avoid a single supplement by agreeing to share a room. This is a very popular option.

Allied T Pro and American Tours International (ATI) are US tour companies providing value and budget tours in the USA. Continental breakfast is included on some of their tours, but mostly there is no food included. This is not a problem as there is always a wide choice of places to eat close to most stops.

Whichever brand you choose, you can be sure that Global Coach Tours will look after you and handle your booking with the utmost care and personal attention.