Grand Group Getaways!

Ever fancied taking the whole family away on a big grand European tour?  Not just immediate family, but whole generations of relatives as well! Be it your own parents, grandparents or uncles and aunties, travelling and experiencing some of the wonderful and facinating countries waiting to be explored.

 Travelling in a group can also save you money. For example, if you travel with Trafalgar Tours or Insight Vacations, you could save 5% for a group of  5 – 8 people on the LAND-only portion of your holiday. Even better, if nine or more guests travel together,  one traveller qualifies for a 50%* discount off the LAND-only portion of the holiday. In a group of 16 guests, one traveller qualifies for 100%* discount off the LAND-only portion of the holiday- WOW!

If you want to try visiting a few European countries or just stick to one, the choice is amazing as there are numerous travel companies wanting to make your wish come true – without all the hassle of having to plan things yourself! Take in a glimpse of Europe on a tour that lasts a week or try something longer for a much grander holiday.

The choices are endless and it’s not only Europe that wants your company, America and Canada also call for some extensive exploration in their vast landscapes of diverse cultures, breathtaking National Parks and stunning Canadian Rockies.


Global Travel with Trafalgar Tours

Offering first class independent vacations and escorted tours to almost every continent, Trafalgar tours offers custom constructed itineraries to destinations across the globe. With over 200 itineraries year-round, there is a Trafalgar tour for any globe hopper.
Skirt across the globe with week-long treks across Europe, African safaris and Asian cultural history tours. Explore the Great Barrier reef or indulge in the sights and sounds of the Mediterranean with a tour of Turkey. With guided tours, first-class accommodations and specialty journeys, Trafalgar offers everything you need for the perfect expedition.
Great for students, single travelers and families, these once-in-a-lifetime tours allow you to see the world from the inside. No longer do you have to worry about setting up airfare, hotel and sightseeing bookings on your own. With all-inclusive packages, you simply pay one price and go. If cruising is your pleasure, take a river cruise to one of hundreds of exotic ports across the world.
Traveling is an experience that will change your life. With knowledgeable tour guides that will help you navigate the globe, you will enjoy all the earth has to offer. Go diving in the crystal waters of the Caribbean, or explore ancient ruins in Mexico. See the sights of Paris in springtime or take a ride in the canals of Venice. Cruise around Alaska and see glaciers, whales and elk.
With a custom tour created just for your tastes, you will enjoy seeing the globe in grand fashion.
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Taking Our Dog Coco Aboard QM2 to New York and Beyond

In June 2009  Geoff, Sue & Coco the dog started planning some epic holidays to America – the USA and Canada.

We considered coach tours USA as we sell coach tours for a living, but Coco would not have been able to come with us, plus we wanted to stay a lot longer than a normal holiday to the USA and Canada.  After researching air travel and reading about the trauma that some animals can experience on a long haul flight, we tried to imagine Coco all alone in a cage for 10 hours in a scary cargo hold. We couldn’t bare to think of it, so we booked the Queen Mary (QM2) from Southampton to New York.  Not only did it work out less in total for the three of us, but we all had six days of luxury pampering.

Coco in the snow

Coco in the snow

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Coco was very well treated on board and although dogs cannot stay overnight with the owners in their cabins, we get to visit them in their kennels for several hours a day. There is a Kennel Master on every cruise who tucks them in and gives them whatever food you specify. Cats are welcomed too! There’s even freshly baked dog biscuits made every day.

Holidays in America for us British usually mean a long wait in customs and immigration on arrival, but with Coco we sailed through with a smile on arrival at the Brooklyn cruise terminal.  We had more trouble getting a taxi that would accept Coco than we expected, but at last we found one that would take us to the nearest Avis car rental which we had pre-booked.

Soon we were driving through Times Square and down 5th Avenue just to see the lights and grab some New York spirit. It would have been amazing to stay a while, but we had planned to save New York for the way back and we had a lot of driving ahead of us. Syracuse, Toronto then 3000 miles across Canada to Canmore near Banff in the Rockies. But that’s another story.

Enjoy a few more pictures of Coco on board the QM2

Queen Mary dogs will do anything for a biscuit

Queen Mary dogs will do anything for a biscuit

Queen Mary dogs

Getting ready to disem-bark!

Queen Mary dogs

The outdoor area for dogs is quite small but biscuits keep them entertained

Dogs can travel on the Queen Mary

Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. It’s harder to get a taxi if you have a dog!


We went with Coco to the USA and Canada for five months from June to November 2009. If you have any questions about this trip or even if you want to book this cruise too, please get in touch or leave a comment below