5 Places to Visit in Magical Wales!

The Welsh football team have been in the news lately for their historic run in the European Championships 2016.

Not since the 1958 World Cup  has this inspiring team got this far, their first finals in 58 years.

They have demonstrated what true team spirit is all about, and gained mush admiration around the world for their comradeship.


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But this demonstration of football support and unity is hardly surprising since Wales is a nation of proud people who have a distinct cultural identity.

This includes culturally rich customs, glorious music and its very own language.

Wales is known for its singing and has thus acquired its popular image of the “land of song”.

Over 560,000 people who live in Wales speak the welsh language, with the majority of the population living in the north and west speaking it.

The daffodil and leek are symbols of Wales, and a fiery red dragon stands at the centre of the Welsh national flag.


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Wales is also famous for its largely mountainous terrain, with high peaks in the north and centre.

See below some enchanting places to go next time you visit Wales:


1. Snowdonia

AllanW / Pixabay

In Snowdonia, you can travel by coach and find a beautiful range of hills and mountains consisting of 14 majestic peaks over 3,000 ft high.

Mount Snowdon is the most famous and highest peak in Wales and can be reached by the ‘Snowdon Mountain Railway’.

The Snowdon Mountain Railway is a narrow gauge rack and pinion that travels the 4.7 miles from Llanberis to the summit of Snowdon and all its glory.

Snowdonia National Park is one of the most popular hiking and climbing destinations in Britain and is included in the gruelling National Three Peaks Challenge!


2. Caernarfon Castle

jimoldfield268 / Pixabay

 Caernarfon Castle was built by King Edward I in the 13th Century for the first Prince of Wales.

It has 13 towers and two gates, making it one of the largest castles in the country and best-preserved medieval fortresses in the whole of Europe.

In 1969, HRH Prince Charles, the current Prince of Wales, had his investiture take place there.

Today, you can visit the castle by car or coach and take in many interesting and informative exhibitions and displays throughout the towers.


3. Brecon Beacons National Park

susisorglos089 / Pixabay

Brecon Beacons National Park is a hiker’s paradise which has mountains in excess of 2,000 ft to explore.

This most beautiful part of Wales is also famous for its ponies or Welsh cobs, one of the world’s oldest and prettiest horse breeds, which can be found on the uplands of the Brecon Beacons.

 Again, you can get there by car or coach as well as train, so be sure to explore the park’s many enchanting mountains, caves and waterfalls.


4. Conwy

Conwy is a beautiful walled market town on the north coast of Wales.

Take a guided tour of the stunning castles, medieval architecture and amazing walls.

There are also many shops to explore and cafes to indulge in a coffee and while away the time.

You can also find the Smallest House in Great Britain, also known as the Quay House, on the quay in Conwy.


5. Llandudno

Why not take a coach trip to Llandudno?

Llandudno is a seaside classic, the largest seaside resort town in Wales, and often regarded as the “Queen of the Welsh Resorts”

This picturesque tourist destination is located on the north coast next to the Great Orme, a prominent limestone headland now run as a nature reserve.

The best views of the town and breathtaking outlook across the Irish Sea can be seen from the summit of the Great Orme, easily accessible by the heritage tramway.

Llandudno also boasts a unique Victorian promenade which doesn’t have the usual seaside shops and cafés, making it a more peaceful and delightful experience altogether.

10 Tips for Responsible Travel!


Travel is one of the best ways to broaden our minds and enrich our lives, and to do this, we explore our environment in as many places as we can, either on our own or from guided holidays.

It is therefore our responsibility to protect these places we set out to explore, including its communities, culture, and environment.

If we travel responsibly, we leave a positive impact, which creates a positive image of visitors, encouraging the growth of travel and tourism as a whole.

See below 10 tips for responsible travel:

johnhain / Pixabay





1. Book direct flights

Hiljon / Pixabay

A large amount of a plane’s carbon emissions occur during take-off and landing.


2. Help towards a cleaner atmosphere.

Ben_Kerckx / Pixabay

Rather than hiring a car, use public transport, hire a bike or walk to explore a new destination.


3. Take only pictures and only leave footprints.

Unsplash / Pixabay

Catch memories on camera, not by taking souvenirs from the natural environment which can leave devastating lasting effects.


4. Tread lightly as you travel.

Unsplash / Pixabay

Stick to designated trails, leaving structures and the natural surrounding untouched.


5. Recycle.

imordaf / Pixabay

Separate glass, plastic, paper and metal and recycle whenever possible.


6. Share holiday books and brochures.

cuetor59 / Pixabay

Pass them on to family and friends when you have finished with them, or recycle them.


6. Minimize waste.

articonn / Pixabay

Take your own reusable water and shopping bags for the duration of your trip.


7. Unplug before leaving home.

kloxklox_com / Pixabay

Unplug lights and appliances not is use before leaving for your tour.


8. Use water sparingly.

tookapic / Pixabay

Use water sparingly when showering and brushing your teeth at your hotel.


9. Reuse hotel towels.

Pexels / Pixabay

Reuse hotel towels at least for another day instead of having them replaced daily.


10. Switch off.

Olichel / Pixabay

Turn off hotel lights and air conditioning when not in your room.

Things to know before you book a coach tour!

When thinking of booking a coach tour, most people want a number of questions answering first.

This can be from asking whether children are welcome to how many guests are usually on each trip.

Find below Trafalgar Tours frequently asked questions:

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Before I Book

Will I be travelling with people from other countries?

The beauty of taking any guided holiday with Trafalgar is that you’ll have the opportunity to meet and travel with people from all over the globe.


How many people will be on my trip?

cocoparisienne / Pixabay

You’ll find an average of 40 to 45 guests on trips throughout Europe, and a maximum of 52 guests on trips throughout the United States and Canada.


Will I have free time?

White77 / Pixabay

Each Trafalgar itinerary offers the perfect balance of free time and guided experiences. You are also given the opportunity to tailor your trip with Optional Experiences. So you may choose to enjoy some of the best seats in the house at the world-famous Moulin Rouge in Paris, or maybe take a magical early-morning balloon ride over the beautiful Napa Valley when exploring California.


What are the coaches like?

Trafalgar Tour Coach 2005

Trafalgar Tour Coach

Trafalgar pride ourselves on having the finest fleet of fuel-efficient, fully air-conditioned coaches with on board WiFi. All coach seats are reclining and there are on-board restrooms. 


Are the hotels air conditioned?

Trafalgar select their hotels for their quality, comfort and impeccable service, with the majority of them having air-conditioning, though few hotels in the northern Alps or Europe have air conditioning due to the colder climate.


What is a Travel Director?

Tour Director in Prague

Tour Director in Prague

Trafalgar Travel Directors all share a passion for travel and their home countries. These experienced professionals show you what the guidebooks can’t – a true insider’s perspective of each destination. Each Travel Director has been through a made-to-measure development  training programme, and many have at least five years’ experience under their belt. From checking you into your hotel room to recommending a local eatery, your Travel Director’s aim is to make travelling easy for you.


Can I book a group?

thetruthpreneur / Pixabay

Trafalgar take the hassle out of booking a group holiday – and offer some great discounts for five or more people. Groups of five to eight people will receive 5% off the land-only part of their trip, and larger groups will save even more.


Does Trafalgar promote sustainable tourism?

Trafalgar is a founding partner of the TreadRight Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation established in 2008. So far, the charity has donated more than US$2 million to help underprivileged communities and support sustainable tourism around the world.


What is the single traveller supplement?

If you prefer the privacy of your own room, you can opt for a single supplement. The cost will depend on your trip and can be found in the pricing section of the itinerary. If you’d rather not incur the additional expense, consider the single traveller room share option where you will be accommodated with a fellow guest of the same gender, on a twin-bed basis.


What if I have special dietary requirements?

Mittmac / Pixabay

Trafalgar can accommodate guests who are vegetarian and can assist with diabetic, gluten-free and other medically-recommended diets. Please advise at time of booking. Unfortunately, meals in accordance with strict religious requirements such as Kosher or Halal cannot be supplied. Also, salt-free,  requests for specific dietary supplements such as soya milk, and high protein or low-carb meals cannot be provided.


Are children allowed on coach trips?

Efraimstochter / Pixabay

Children are welcome on all Trafalgar tours with a minimum age of 5 years.



Mobile friendly websites

Global Coach Tours

Global coach Tours website has changed for the better, making it even more mobile friendly.


Recent research has revealed that for the first time in history, mobile has exceeded desktop Internet usage.


Furthermore, did you know that Google award mobile-friendly websites with a higher natural ranking.


They even display a ‘mobile-friendly’ label alongside them in search results making your website appear even more attractive!


What’s more, a website that loads and displays correctly on a mobile device allows its visitors to have the best user experience possible.


This means you can view our amazing coach tours from the comfort of just about anywhere. Choosing a coach tour has never been such a relaxing and comfortable experience, you’re a browse away from a fantastic holiday!


Trafalgar’s Tour Styles!



With Trafalgar you will recognize unbeatable value, a hassle-free experience and unique moments to treasure.

Trafalgar offer a different perspective on their world famous tours, each providing unique experiences at the places you visit.

Trafalgar also offer more trip styles to choose from than any other guided travel company.




There’s the ‘Regional Explorer’ where you can discover a region in two or more countries.


Experience Venice on a ‘Regional Explorer’ tour.

The ‘Country Explorer’ to discover one country in depth.


See Stonehenge on a ‘Country Explorer’ tour.

The ‘At Leisure’ where you can enjoy later starts and longer stays at a more leisurely pace.


See the Parliament of Budapest on the ‘At Leisure Bohemian Highlights tour’

‘Family Holidays’ designed so the family can learn and have fun together.


Enjoy the famous Rome Colosseum with your family.

‘Hidden Journeys’ where you can enjoy less visited places in groups of 26 or less.


See amazing views of Turin on a ‘Hidden Journeys’ tour.

‘Cruise, Rail and Combinations’, amazing holidays from a different perspective.


See the wonders of Greece on a ‘Cruise, Rail and Combinations’ tour.

 ‘Special Interest’ holidays for people with a particular passion.

Flavours of Italy ‘foodie’ trip starts in Rome

Try the ‘Flavours of Italy’ ‘foodie’ trip which in Rome.



Book a coach tour with Trafalgar today to experience the most wonderful holiday of a lifetime that suits just you!





Customized Tours for Groups of all Sizes!

Are you a family that knows exactly what you want on a holiday?

Do you have other family and friends you would like to share that ideal holiday with?

Well look no further as your dream holiday could be just round the corner!


Happy Families

For friends, families and groups small and large, we offer a tailor made tour service.

We work with groups of all standards, from student groups on a very limited budget……….. through to a more deluxe type of programme, and everything in between.

On a UK tour, for example, we could arrange an exciting trip to the National History Museum in London.


National History Museum in London.


You could spend a day shopping in York.

Bettys Shop full of delicious looking treats!

The wonderful Betty’s Shop full of delicious looking treats in York!

How about a day exploring Hadrian’s Wall and the amazing Roman Fort!

Hadrians Wall 09-21

Hadrian’s Wall and the amazing Roman Fort!


For your European tour the choice is vast!

Include Venice in your holiday and enjoy dressing up!

Plenty of people push the boat out and hire expensive costumes

Hire costumes for the Venice Carnival!


Go to Spain and visit the the salamander in Parc Güell and other Gaudi delights!

The salamander in Parc Güell

The salamander in Parc Güell

Include Rome, Italy in your trip and experience the breathtaking Colosseum fireworks!

The choice is outstanding wherever you want to explore .

Special prices because of volume discounts in many hotels in major British and European cities can also be  passed onto you.

Please contact us on 0800 612 8288 for a costing for your British and European groups. We make no charge for providing you with creative ideas for some wonderful itineraries, and would welcome the opportunity to show you what we can do.

A tailor made tour to suit you!

When it comes to a good holiday, you can find dozens of pre-planned tours of the UK and Europe with regular departures all year round.


However,  finding a tour that’s exactly right for you either in length or departure date can sometimes be a headache. Children who don’t meet the minimum age requirements of the large tour operators can also be a barrier in finding that perfect getaway.

If that’s the case, how would a privately-guided tour of the UK or Europe customized to suit your party’s exact needs grab you?

Children included!

Children included!


Whatever the reason, for friends, families and groups small and large, their is a tailor made tour service and a private Guides programme just for you.

Available for individuals, families and parties of any size, these tours can be of any duration and designed to incorporate features of particular interest to the participants. 

A tour that includes France and visiting the Eiffel Tower may perhaps be your thing!


Stopping at Venice and enjoying the Venice Carnival and Masked Balls may be another.

Dressed for the Carnival in Venice

Dressed for the Carnival in Venice


Soaking up the olde worlde surrounding of places like York in England may be yet another.


The majestic York Minster


Private Guides are all fully-licensed professional Local Guides, and their time can be booked by the half-day. In some locations, a Walking Tour to get the best of a city is recommended; in others, where distances are large, a private Driver-Guide, or a Driver and separate Guide can be provided.

Some of  the Guides are qualified to guide inside Museums and other monuments, which enables  clients to enjoy a really exclusive tour of the places on their wish-list.


‘Themed tours’ are well catered for  too – art, music, literature, religion, trains, gardens, golf and gourmet are just some ideas.

NYMR2011-26 1

Train Tour!


So, what are you waiting for? Multi-generational tours for parents or grandparents and kids, in Britain and Europe are there at your finger tips. You can have a tailor-made itinerary to suit your exact needs, providing a memorable European tour, which can be both educational and fun! 



Dancing in Barcelona

Dancing in Barcelona

Grand Group Getaways!

Ever fancied taking the whole family away on a big grand European tour?  Not just immediate family, but whole generations of relatives as well! Be it your own parents, grandparents or uncles and aunties, travelling and experiencing some of the wonderful and facinating countries waiting to be explored.

 Travelling in a group can also save you money. For example, if you travel with Trafalgar Tours or Insight Vacations, you could save 5% for a group of  5 – 8 people on the LAND-only portion of your holiday. Even better, if nine or more guests travel together,  one traveller qualifies for a 50%* discount off the LAND-only portion of the holiday. In a group of 16 guests, one traveller qualifies for 100%* discount off the LAND-only portion of the holiday- WOW!

If you want to try visiting a few European countries or just stick to one, the choice is amazing as there are numerous travel companies wanting to make your wish come true – without all the hassle of having to plan things yourself! Take in a glimpse of Europe on a tour that lasts a week or try something longer for a much grander holiday.

The choices are endless and it’s not only Europe that wants your company, America and Canada also call for some extensive exploration in their vast landscapes of diverse cultures, breathtaking National Parks and stunning Canadian Rockies.


6 Family fun places to visit in London!

 Find fantastic family fun in London!

Believe it or not, London is much more family-friendly than you’d expect  to find in  such a vibrant and busy city. There is so much more to offer so bring the kids along and have fun together. Take a coach tour that will cover London and discover the wonderful sights while there!


1.  The Museum of London Docklands is a wealth of history from Roman settlements to the Docklands’ regeneration. Unlock the history of London’s river, port and people in this historic warehouse and discover a wealth of objects from whale bones to WWII gas masks in state-of-the-art galleries, including Mudlarks, an interactive area for kids; Sailortown, an atmospheric re-creation of 19th century riverside Wapping; and London, Sugar & Slavery, which reveals the city’s involvement in the transatlantic slave trade.



2.  The Science Museum chronicles the development of science and industry in Great Britain over the centuries, with an extensive collection from biochemistry and photography to meteorology and astronomy.





 3.  Diana Memorial Playground:

This free playground in Kensington Gardens thrills children of all ages. There is an enormous wooden pirate ship surrounded by a sandpit! The  kids adore this and the bigger ones love to climb the mast for the views. There’s also a sensory trail, an outdoor music space, teepees,  swings, slides and climbing frames to keep everyone happy. The cafe also serves great coffee for the grownups too. 


4. The  Natural History Museum is a centre of scientific excellence in the discovery of taxonomy and biodiversity, this world-famous museum promotes the discovery and enjoyment of the natural world through such exciting exhibits as the Life and Earth Galleries, wildlife garden and geological collections. Absolutely outstanding!!




5. Coram’s Fields:

A free central London playground and park, not far from the British Museum, with play equipment for all under 16’s including a huge sand pit for toddlers, slides and water features. There are even some farm animals and no adult can enter without a child so it’s a safe space to be too. 



6. Hamleys Toy Store:     

Hamleys Toy Store is paradise on Earth for children, teens and adults. The magnificent seasonal windows, the displays and installations of various themes and the hundreds of toys create the “myth” of Hamleys and make children from all countries want to visit. You can literally spend hours just taking in all the wonderful and entertaining surroundings.



Find a Coach Tour that suits you!

Not sure which tour operator to book with when deciding on a coach tour?

Don’t know who provides what and when?

Just too much choice out there!

Well worry no more as I can explain what some of the leading tour operators have to offer. There is  a simple way to decide on which Tour Operator to look at first – by age group and budget.

The number game!

Massive Contiki Savings

Contiki tours are ‘fun and funky’ but only available to you if you are 18-35 years old.

It’s a shame if you are young at heart, but this policy is strictly adhered to. If there are two of you travelling as a couple, Contiki will consider you if ONE of the partners is 17 and has permission from a parent or guardian. Or 36/37 might be considered if ONE partner is 35 or under. They have a worldwide choice of destinations at competitive prices. In Europe they have tours for different budgets such as hotel, resort and camping. There is even a boat option!

The minimum age on a Trafalgar and Insight tour is 5 years but 8 years on a Cosmos tour.

The tour operators decided years ago that small children don’t enjoy coach touring and they introduced these lower age restrictions. There is no upper age restriction. Apart from the Contiki brand, the average age on most coach touring vacations is 50 with a fair mix of 20’s-40’s and retired folks. Age 50 is just an average and it’s impossible to know the exact age groups on any given tour. 

If you are in good health and can walk at a gentle pace without difficulty then coach touring is for you. If you can’t walk very far, but can manage the steps on and off the coach you will still be able to participate in most of the tour. If you use a wheelchair let the Tour Operator know about this in advance, it must be the fully collapsible, manual kind, not electric. You must also be accompanied by an able-bodied companion who is capable of helping you on and off the coach and pushing your chair.



Premium, First Class, Cost-saver or budget?


If you look at individual tour pages at Global CoachTours you will see a price per day for the tour. This is shown so you can easily compare the cost of one tour with another. It varies considerably from country to country. For example the cost of premium touring in Morocco is much less than in Scandinavia. For all brands, all hotel room bathrooms are private so you don’t have to leave your room!



Insight is a premium first class brand. Insight guests expect and receive personalized service, balanced itineraries and carefully chosen, well located first class and premium first class hotels. The coach has a maximum of 40 guests and extra legroom seating.



Trafalgar has both a First Class and Cost Saver brand. Both provide exceptional value for money, with the same professional service of a Tour Director and Driver and comfortable coaches. First Class tours include First Class Hotels, buffet breakfast daily and more sightseeing inclusions. Cost Saver hotels are guaranteed Superior Tourist class or better and continental style breakfast daily. Dinner is provided on selected nights.



Cosmos provide  great value budget tours – hotels vary between 2-4 star, but are usually in edge-of-city locations or at airports. For European tours they include breakfast and some dinners. They don’t include any food on their USA tours.

When travelling alone,  some clients do not want to incur the expense of an additional single room supplement. However, to avoid having to pay this supplement, Contiki,  Cosmos, Insight and Trafalgar all offer a twin share option whereby you agree to share a room with someone (same sex of course) at no extra cost. As you can imagine, this is a very popular option.


Whichever brand of tour operator you decide to  choose, you can be sure that Global Coach Tours will look after you and handle your booking with the utmost care and personal attention.

Whatever you’re looking for, we can guarantee you’ll find a coach tour that’ll take your fancy.