Things to know before you book a coach tour!

When thinking of booking a coach tour, most people want a number of questions answering first.

This can be from asking whether children are welcome to how many guests are usually on each trip.

Find below Trafalgar Tours frequently asked questions:

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Before I Book

Will I be travelling with people from other countries?

The beauty of taking any guided holiday with Trafalgar is that you’ll have the opportunity to meet and travel with people from all over the globe.


How many people will be on my trip?

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You’ll find an average of 40 to 45 guests on trips throughout Europe, and a maximum of 52 guests on trips throughout the United States and Canada.


Will I have free time?

White77 / Pixabay

Each Trafalgar itinerary offers the perfect balance of free time and guided experiences. You are also given the opportunity to tailor your trip with Optional Experiences. So you may choose to enjoy some of the best seats in the house at the world-famous Moulin Rouge in Paris, or maybe take a magical early-morning balloon ride over the beautiful Napa Valley when exploring California.


What are the coaches like?

Trafalgar Tour Coach 2005

Trafalgar Tour Coach

Trafalgar pride ourselves on having the finest fleet of fuel-efficient, fully air-conditioned coaches with on board WiFi. All coach seats are reclining and there are on-board restrooms. 


Are the hotels air conditioned?

Trafalgar select their hotels for their quality, comfort and impeccable service, with the majority of them having air-conditioning, though few hotels in the northern Alps or Europe have air conditioning due to the colder climate.


What is a Travel Director?

Tour Director in Prague

Tour Director in Prague

Trafalgar Travel Directors all share a passion for travel and their home countries. These experienced professionals show you what the guidebooks can’t – a true insider’s perspective of each destination. Each Travel Director has been through a made-to-measure development  training programme, and many have at least five years’ experience under their belt. From checking you into your hotel room to recommending a local eatery, your Travel Director’s aim is to make travelling easy for you.


Can I book a group?

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Trafalgar take the hassle out of booking a group holiday – and offer some great discounts for five or more people. Groups of five to eight people will receive 5% off the land-only part of their trip, and larger groups will save even more.


Does Trafalgar promote sustainable tourism?

Trafalgar is a founding partner of the TreadRight Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation established in 2008. So far, the charity has donated more than US$2 million to help underprivileged communities and support sustainable tourism around the world.


What is the single traveller supplement?

If you prefer the privacy of your own room, you can opt for a single supplement. The cost will depend on your trip and can be found in the pricing section of the itinerary. If you’d rather not incur the additional expense, consider the single traveller room share option where you will be accommodated with a fellow guest of the same gender, on a twin-bed basis.


What if I have special dietary requirements?

Mittmac / Pixabay

Trafalgar can accommodate guests who are vegetarian and can assist with diabetic, gluten-free and other medically-recommended diets. Please advise at time of booking. Unfortunately, meals in accordance with strict religious requirements such as Kosher or Halal cannot be supplied. Also, salt-free,  requests for specific dietary supplements such as soya milk, and high protein or low-carb meals cannot be provided.


Are children allowed on coach trips?

Efraimstochter / Pixabay

Children are welcome on all Trafalgar tours with a minimum age of 5 years.



Inside Out with Trafalgar!



When travelling on holiday, we mostly get to look at the touristy type places and popular experiences that are on offer.

However, sometimes we may want to broaden our experiences and find out what a culture and its people are really like.

So, if you want to get a truly authentic insight into the local culture of your destination, you’ll love Trafalgar’s hand-picked Insider Experiences.

Authentic and exclusive, Insider Experiences introduce you to the people, places and moments that are only possible by getting into the heart of a local community and its culture.

Be My Guest

Trafalgar’s Be My Guest experiences are extremely popular as they allow you to meet interesting characters by dining with families in their own homes.

Interestingly, food and drink tastes so much better when it’s shared with local people who have many tales to tell. It gives you a deeper understanding of their lives and history.

You’ll also have the chance to learn how to cook regional dishes, and share a glass of wine with winemakers at their own vineyards.

Be My Guest dining at a French chateau on the Best of France tour and be truly inspired.




Best of France 2016

Châteaux, chic beach resorts, cheese and wine – all you want to see and taste in France. But this in-depth experience also peels back the layers to reveal the soul of this great country.You’ll enjoy Insider moments like… learning the strategic importance of Carcassonne’s double ring of ramparts with its 52 towers from our local historian, and why the fortified town made such a good backdrop for the film ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’.

  • Lasting for 13 Days
  • Prices Starting From £160 per day



Local Specialists

Local Specialists are local people such as dancers, archaeologists, geologists and artisans who can provide you with the information to take you deeper into the local culture. They allow you to see things in a fresh and vital way and supply you with fresh insights and anecdotes to make your trip memorable.

For example, if you’re in Amsterdam, they’ll take you to the Royal Delft Pottery workshop to witnes porcelain being hand-painted by expert artisans. Similarly, when you to visit Seville, you get the chance to learn flamenco dancing.

Be inspired by the Local Specialists on the European Highlights tour.


European Highlights 2016

Discovering six countries, this introduction to Europe compares its big players, France and Germany, and their smaller neighbours, Switzerland and The Netherlands.You’ll enjoy Insider moments like… smelling sawdust in the air as German clockmakers craft cuckoo clocks in front of you, in a fairy tale Black Forest setting that feels like it’s straight from a Hansel and Gretel pop-up book.

  • Lasting for 7 Days
  • Prices Starting From £171 per day
Gaudi’s incredible buildings and sculptures

TRAVELKR / Pixabay – Gaudi’s incredible buildings and sculptures



Spanish Wonder 2016

Explore every side of Andalusia, including its Moorish twist, and visit the principal Spanish cities of Madrid, Seville and Barcelona – with passionate experts on every encounter.You’ll enjoy Insider moments like… exploring Toledo’s ancient cobbled streets with a local historian, who leads you into the cool tranquillity of the Church of Tomé to reveal the hidden meaning behind El Greco’s Burial of Count Orgaz.

  • Lasting for 9 Days
  • Prices Starting From £128 per day

In Warsaw, Poland, hear about the heroic history behind the Little Insurgent and discover a story that helps you understand what the city and its people are all about.

You can do this on the Highlights of Eastern Europe tour which takes you to Warsaw as well as many other amazing places.


Iwona_Olczyk / Pixabay





Solo Travelling!

holiday-1260208_960_720Travelling alone gives you the chance to indulge yourself fully and not be concerned what other people want to do.

norway-772991_960_720People also often say that “meeting new and different people” is one of the reasons they love travelling alone.

abstract-1239389_960_720Travelling on a coach tour is by far the easiest way to do this, as well as enjoying all the other benefits of a holiday designed to cater for your every need.

coach-tours-trafalgar-trips-world-wideFor example. a coach tour with Trafalgar on their ‘European Highlights’ tour gives you all this:

Dining Highlights6 hot buffet breakfasts.
3 dinners.
First class travel HighlightsLuxury air-conditioned coach with WiFi in most countries or alternative transportation (such as rail journeys)
Hand-picked 4 and 5 star accommodation
Hand-picked Insider Experiences
Optional Experiences and free time
All porterage and restaurant gratuities
Must-see sightseeing and surprise extras
An expert Travel Director and separate Driver
All hotel tips, charges and local taxes
VIP entry to many sights
Audio Headsets for flexible sightseeing
Ferry from Dover to Calais.
Ferry from Calais to Dover

Guided holidays are a hassle-free and enjoyable way for you to discover your destination if you’re travelling solo.

However, travelling alone can also mean the dreaded ‘single supplement’ which can put people off.

You can avoid it altogether by booking with a tour operator that offers roommate matching, or still have a single room with a reduced fee.

A double bed in a London hotel

Trafalgar offer solo travellers a 50-100% discount on their standard single supplements on selected trip departures.

For example, you could get the whole 100% discount with their Italian Holiday (ITIH) – 7 days tour starting on the 15 Apr 16.

 Cosmos also have some great offers on their holidays for single travellers.

Cosmos also have a single share option where you share a twin room with a fellow traveller of the same gender.

As an added bonus, Cosmos will let you enjoy a single room to yourself at no extra cost if there is not another single traveller on your tour.


If you are travelling with Expat Explore on your own, they provide a room share with another traveller of the same gender as standard.

If, however, you would prefer the privacy of your own room, you can upgrade to a private single room with private bathroom for the duration of your tour.

Expat Explore prices are so reasonable that the extra cost won’t hurt so much!

expat Coach-Pics5

In the end one becomes many…………….

Coach Tour Versus Independent Travel?



Travel can be costly at the best of times, especially if you try and arrange a trip on your own by booking each part of the trip separately.

This is where an organised tour comes into its own, taking the hassle out of travelling and  saving on cost.


What’s more, organised tours offer an appealing product that provides expertise and security as well as great value, with a minimum of stress.

Not only great value, CostSaver by Trafalgar take the hassle out of your holiday by running expertly organised trips to suit everybody.



Reasons why organized tours are the best:

  •  You know you’ll see the main iconic sights.
Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire, England, about 2 miles west of Amesbury and 8 miles north of Salisbury.



  •  Making lasting friendships whilst on tour is made easy.
Picnic at Effel Tower 300x150

Make lasting friends


  •  Every last detail taken care of.

Everything taken care of including check-in, tips, tolls and porterage.


  •  Help with language or culture barriers.
Local specialist.

English speaking local specialist.


  •  Tours provide more peace of mind.

Always an experienced person there to help get medicine or look after you if taken ill.



  •  You get higher quality and  better value with an organised tour.
Airth Castle Exterior 300x150

Tour providers get amazing hotel rates that are reflected in the total tour price.



But don’t take our word for it, take a look at the table below to see the amazing difference.


Here’s a comparison of a CostSaver 15-day tour that takes in London, Venice, Rome and other important cities. See how much more you get compared to travelling on your own.

15- day independent holiday  
Stay in quality, handpicked hotels with tips taken care of.
£775 + tips
Spend time researching and booking hotels.
Travel with an expert Travel Director with Local Specialists in Vienna and Rome. Plus get VIP entry to selected major sights and cruises on the River Rhine and on the Grand Canal Venice.
£193 + tips
With no included guides to help, you’ll be waiting in line at sights.
You get 16 breakfasts and five dinners , tips included.
£279 + tips
Spend time researching quality restaurants and making reservations.
Travel on a luxury coach with on-board WiFi and all fuel, toll charges and parking included.
£876 + tips and parking
Pay for car hire, navigate foreign roads and language barriers.
Total (Per Person) £1450 £2123


* Based on a 29th May departure

Discover Europe the CostSaver way from £66 per day!



Yes, you can really travel Europe the CostSaver way from £66 per day!

With CostSaver, go beyond the expected on a budget from only £66 a day.

CostSaver holidays show you much more than just the usual icons and offer a good range of optional experiences.

Like on their 13-day Splendours of Italy tour where you get to see St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and a traditional glass-blowing workshop in Venice. Plus, you are given the option to visit places like the ancient Catacombs.


St Peter’s Basilica



  • CostSaver is the perfect way to discover a destination for the first time. You’ll enjoy incredible inclusions and unbeatable value on every trip.

  • You’ll enjoy an amazing tour that always includes breakfasts, an expert Travel Director, Local Specialists and more.

  • Your Travel Director gives you a real flavor of the destination. With their knowledge, past experience and passion for the destination, they’ll take care of all the organisation, so you enjoy a no-hassle holiday.


With CostSaver you’re always guaranteed just the right handpicked hotels, all your breakfasts, and up to half your three-course dinners.


Delicious meals

All that, plus all the things you can’t put a value on. Here’s how CostSaver put their competitors in the shade:


CostSaver                                                                                                                                                     Leading Competitor

How good is the itinerary?
96% Guest Review Rating*
90% Guest Review Rating*
How good is the service?
96% Guest Review Rating*
90% Guest Review Rating*
Airport Transfers
Always Included
2-3 options running per day**
Not included, additional cost of £28 or more per person
Travel Directors
Recognised as the best in the industrythanks to Trafalgar’s on-going, bespoke professional development programme
Have received an initial induction but no on-going training or professional development


* Reviews Ratings via Feefo for 12-month period ending July 2015  ** Except itineraries starting and/or ending in London.

Coach Tour Deals, Deals, Deals!

 Towards the end of the year, people often start thinking about their holidays for the year ahead. Not only this, they also tend to look for what’s the best offer out there.

Fortunately, they don’t have to look too far with Trafalgar Tours!

Trafalgar Tour Coach 2005


 Trafalgar Tours are specialists in escorted coach tours and have  great savings at the moment on many of their coach tours.

Their ‘Early  Payment discounts’ offer gives 10% discount on the land-only part of your trip if you pay the full amount by the 27 January 2016.

You can also save all year round on Trafalgar Tours with these awesome discounts below:

On our Family Experiences itineraries, we take the hassle – and some of the cost – out of group travel planning.

We offer a 5% discount to groups of five to eight people, a triple and quad room share reduction, plus a Young Traveller Discount.

Have you travelled with us or one of our sister companies in the last five years? If so, we’ll give you 5% off your next trip.


Only one discount is available per person, per year, and can be redeemed against each further land-only part of a trip. Frequent Traveller Discount does not apply to City Breaks and extra nights’ accommodation.

Organising a trip for five to nine people? You can save 5% per person on the land-only part of your trip. Groups of 10 or more people can save even more on the land-only part of their trip. For more information, contact us or your local Travel Agent, who can give you a quote.

Have twice the fun – save up to 2.5% when you book a second Trafalgar trip. Book two Trafalgar trips – both seven days or longer – and save up to 2.5% on the land-only portion of your shortest holiday.


Please note that holidays must be booked at the same time. The discount is per person only and does not apply to City Breaks, extra nights’ accommodation, extensions and airfares, taxes and fees, and airport transfers. Europe – excludes all Eastern Mediterranean holidays except the Greek Island Hopper, the Best of Greece (without cruise), the Highlights of Turkey (without cruise) and the Best of Turkey. Autumn, Winter & Spring Europe – excludes Real Britain, Jordan, Egypt and Israel. Asia – excludes Highlights of China and the Yangtze, and China Tibet and the Yangtze.

Are you travelling alone but don’t want to pay a single supplement? On many of our trips, we’ll give you the option to room share with another same-gender solo traveller, on a twin-bed basis.

Please note that we cannot guarantee roommates will be of a similar age group. If we fail to match you, we will provide a single room at no extra cost. This service does not apply to City Breaks, extra nights’ accommodation and all Eastern Mediterranean holidays – with the exception of Highlights of Turkey (without cruise) and the Best of Turkey.Single supplements may also not be available on specific itineraries; you’ll be able to find this information in the departure notes on the Prices & Availability section of each trip’s itinerary page.

Travel with three people sharing one room and each of you will receive a reduction on the land-only portion of your trip’s price. Each itinerary lists the triple room reduction per person.


Triple room reductions are based on sharing a twin or a double bedroom with an extra bed, which may be a ‘roll-away’. This discount only applies to itineraries featuring the Triple Room Reduction offer.

If you’re travelling with a child between the age of five and 17, we’ll give you a discount of up to 10% on the land-only portion of their holiday. Young travellers must be under the age of 18 years on the date of departure, and must be accompanied by an adult (limit of one Young Traveller Discount per room).


CIE Tours and Expat Explore also offer fantastic deals – see below for some outstanding offers:


2016 Early Booking Discount

Save 10% up to £600 per couple

on all 2016 Ireland & Britain Tours

Save up to £670 per couple
on Select Ireland & Britain Tours!

1. 2016 Taste of Ireland
5, 6 or 7 Day Coach Tour
From £419. Now from £374 – Save £45 per person on early 2016 departures (Jan-May)
Book by December 31, 2015 and use code MKTOFI45123115UHighlights: Dublin’s Merry Ploughboy Pub Dinner/Show, Bunratty Castle Medieval Banquet, Sheepdog Trials, Kiss The Blarney Stone, Ring of Kerry Tour and more!
Click here to view details including map, hotels, departure dates and prices.
Taste of Ireland 5,6 or 7 Day Coach TourDublin Castle
2. 2016 Irish Adventure
8 and 9 Day Coach Tour
From £639. Now from £569 – Save £70 per person on early departures (Jan-May)
Book by December 31, 2015 and use code MKADA70123115UHighlights: Cliffs of Moher, Sheepdog Trials, Blarney Castle, Titanic Belfast and more!
Click here to view details including map, hotels, departure dates and prices.
Irish Adventure 8 or 9 Day Coach TourTrinity College
3. 2016 Irish Legends
9 or 10 Day Coach Tour
From £809. Now from £719 – Save £90 per person on early departures (Jan-May)
Book by December 31, 2015 and use code MKLEA90123115UHighlights: Waterford Crystal Factory, Dingle Peninsula, Sheepherding at Rathbaun Farm, South Pole Inn and more!
Click here to view details including map, hotels, departure dates and prices.
Irish Legends – 9 or 10 Day Coach TourBlarney Castle
4. 2016 Irish Odyssey
12 Day Coach Tour
From £1,079. Now from £959 – Save £120 per person on early departures (Mar-May)
Book by December 31, 2015 and use code MKODA120123115UHighlights: Jaunting Car Ride, Glorious Dingle Peninsula, Kylemore Benedictine Abbey, Cabra Castle Hotel Stay and more!
Click here to view details including map, hotels, departure dates and prices.
Irish Odyssey - 12 Day Coach TourCliffs of Moher
5. 2016 Scottish Dream
8 or 9 Day Coach Tour
From £1,049. Now from £934 – Save £115 per person on early departures (Mar-May)
Book by December 31, 2015 and use code MKSDRA115123115UHighlights: Scottish Evening in Edinburgh, Loch Lomond Scenic Cruise, St Andrews, Edinburgh Castle and more!
Click here to view details including map, hotels, departure dates and prices.
Scottish Dream - 8 or 9 Day Coach TourEdinburgh Military Tattoo
6. 2016 Taste of Scotland & Ireland
10 or 11 Day Coach Tour
From £1,029. Now from £914 – Save £115 per person on early departures (Mar-May)
Book by December 31, 2015 and use code MKTSI115123115UHighlights: Dublin Canal Cruise Dinner, Bunratty Castle Medieval Banquet, Scottish Evening in Edinburgh, Cliffs of Moher and more!
Click here to view details including map, hotels, departure dates and prices.
Taste of Scotland & Ireland - 10 or 11 Day Coach TourLoch Lomond
7. 2016 Best of Britain
9 or 10 Day Coach Tour
From £1,259. Now from £1,124 – Save £135 per person on early departures (Apr-May)
Book by December 31, 2015 and use code MKBOB135123115UHighlights: Traditional Scottish & Welsh Evenings, York Walking Tour, Windsor Castle, Shakespeare’s Birthplace and more!
Click here to view details including map, hotels, departure dates and prices.
Best of Britain - 9 or 10 Day Coach TourWindsor Castle
8. NEW! 2016 Ireland’s Road To Freedom
9 Day Coach Tour
From £1,029. Now from £914 – Save £115 per person on early departures (Apr-May)
Book by December 31, 2015 and use code MKFREE115123115UHighlights: This special itinerary reveals the history of the fight for Irish Independence!
Click here to view details including map, hotels, departure dates and prices.
Ireland's Road To Freedom - 9 Day Coach TourGeneral Post Office
9. 2016 Grand Tour of Britain & Ireland
24 Day Coach Tour
From £3,069. Now from £2,734 – Save £335 per person on early departures (Apr-May)
Book by December 31, 2015 and use code MKGRAND335123115UHighlights: In-depth Vacation with Prominent Visits, Five Capital Cities, Historic Castles and more!
Click here to view details including map, hotels, departure dates and prices.
Grand Tour of Britain and Ireland - 24 Day Coach TourBeatles Museum
10. NEW! 2016 Irish Patriot Trail
12 Day Coach Tour
From £1,309. Now from £1,164 – Save £145 per person on early departures (Apr-May)
Book by December 31, 2015 and use code MKPAT145123115UHighlights: Travel throughout Ireland to trace the history of the struggle for Irish political freedom!
Click here to view details including map, hotels, departure dates and prices.
Irish Patriot Trail - 12 Day Coach TourDerrynane House

Terms & Conditions: Offer valid on new bookings only. Not valid for group travel, and not combinable with other CIE Tours promotions or discounts. Other restrictions may apply.



  • Guaranteed departures: Our Comfort tours are guaranteed to operate, so you never have to worry about your tour being cancelled at the last minute.
  • Early bird savings: Expat Explore offers the most competitive prices out there. But as seats are sold, prices go up – book early to get a great deal.
Make great savings on an Expat Explore tour when you book early – see below for an example of prices on their 7 day Europe taster tour.
Date Price Early Bird Save
22 Dec – 28 Dec 2015 £749 £619 £130 *Christmas departure.
29 Dec – 04 Jan 2016 £799 £579 £220 *New Years departure
14 Mar – 20 Mar 2016 £699 £499 £200 2016 Early Bird Rate!
28 Mar – 03 Apr 2016 £699 £489 £210 2016 Early Bird Rate!
11 Apr – 17 Apr 2016 £699 £519 £180 2016 Early Bird Rate!
25 Apr – 01 May 2016 £699 £479 £220 2016 Early Bird Rate!



The Early Bird offer applies to all Expat Explore tours so book early and secure  a seat with just a 10% deposit.


Trafalgar – What Sets Them Apart!

Trafalgar are dedicated to giving you the most enjoyable holiday you will ever experience.

This is because Trafalgar have a passion for travel like no other, from the person who meets you at the airport, to the team who go looking for extraordinary experiences, you’ll see their passion for amazing holidays.

Trafalgar are known for their Insider Experiences whereby you are introduced to local characters; from chefs and artisans to historians, farmers and even taxi drivers. You’ll eat with them, drink with them; listen to their stories. This will allow you an understanding of your destination in ways you never imagined.

Trafalgar offer a hassle free  holiday to cherish. As a VIP guest, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to selected sights, avoid queues at major attractions, benefit from luggage porterage right to your room, and stay in carefully selected hotels.

To help you do all this are Trafalgar’s Travel Directors, carefully selected for their knowledge and enthusiasm. From checking you into your hotel room to recommending a local eatery, your Travel Director’s aim is to make travelling easy and your trip unforgettable.

Trafalgar have had almost 70 years of knowledge and experience to enable you to have one of the best holidays you ever had. However, although no other guided travel company has received so many awards, what really matters to them is what their guests have to say.

The CostSaver Way!

A CostSaver tour is the perfect way to discover a destination for the first time.

You’ll enjoy incredible inclusions and unbeatable value on every trip.

A perfect way to savour Europe on a budget.

CostSaver ‘Glimpse of Europe‘ tour visits Lucerne in Switzerland.

CostSaver tours are operated by Trafalgar, the industry leader, and  guarantee the best Travel Directors in the industry, 3 and 4-star hotels handpicked to showcase the destination and authentic local meals.

Tour Director in Prague
Tour Director in Prague

CostSaver always includes must-see-sights where your expert team will share the stories and history of each destination. You will also get free time to explore on your own plus the chance to choose from a range of Optional Experiences to enhance your trip. Optional Experiences are quality-checked to complement your trip, and offer incredible value for money.

The awe-inspiring St. Peter's Basilica at night.

The awe-inspiring St. Peter’s Basilica at night.

Experience no hassle travel where everything is arranged for you, from your airport transfers and what you’ll see, to your hotel bookings, so you enjoy an easy, no hassle experience.

No hassle so you can relax more.

No hassle so you can relax more.

  • CostSaver tours include breakfast every day where you will wake up to a delicious selection of continental favourites including cereals, croissants and fruit. In the UK and Ireland, you’ll enjoy a traditional cooked breakfast.

    Typical continental buffet breakfast.

    Typical continental buffet breakfast.

    Relax between cities in a state-of-the-art, air-conditioned Trafalgar coach. There’s ample leg room to stretch out so you can sit back and enjoy the views, or the on-board Wi-Fi.

    Luxury air-conditioned coach transport .

    Luxury air-conditioned Trafalgar coach transport .

    After a day’s sightseeing, it’s good to have a local meal waiting for you. That’s why we include up to half of your three-course-dinners. Full of regional flavours these meals give you a real taste of local favourites. We also know you’ll enjoy exploring local bistros, tapas bars and pubs for yourself so we leave you lunches and some dinners free. Ask your CostSaver Travel Director for recommendations when looking for value, an authentic setting or a specific dish.

    Delicious local pizza.

    Delicious local pizza.

    local tapas selection.

    local tapas selection.


  • So, to sum it all up, What’s Always Included on a CostSaver tour:

    • Transfers to and from the airport on the first and last day of the tour*
    • A Trafalgar-trained, expert Travel Director
    • 3 and 4-star hotels
    • A sightseeing tour in all major cities
    • Local Specialists to bring locations alive
    • Itineraries with free time planned in
    • A choice of Optional Experiences
    • All breakfasts and up to half your three-course dinners
    • Luxury air-conditioned coach transport
    • All baggage handling, hotel charges and local taxes
    • Operated by Trafalgar, the leader and world’s best guided holiday company

    *except itineraries starting/ending in London  

What are you waiting for?

Coach Tours – What to know Before you Go!


Trafalgar are one of the most best coach tour operators out there and this is reflected in their ever growing popularity. Their attention to detail is renowned and this can be seen in their very useful guides to travelling.

Take a look below on a their guide on what to know before travelling on your remarkable coach tour.

Are airport transfers included?


Transfers will depend on the trip you choose and vary amongst destinations. In general, if you are joining or departing your guided holiday on the first or last day, return transfers between the airport and hotel are included (excludes itineraries starting and/or ending in London). You’ll find specific information on your Trafalgar itinerary’s page.

Do I need travel insurance?


Trafalgar strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance for peace of mind before and during your trip. It’s important that you protect yourself in case of trip cancellations, baggage delays or loss of baggage, and medical expenses.

Will I need a passport?


Passports are needed when travelling outside of your home country. Your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond the conclusion of your trip.

Will I need a visa?


You are responsible for obtaining all necessary visas prior to the departure of your trip. Depending on your nationality, you may need visas to enter certain countries included on your trip. Obtaining visas can take up to six weeks prior to your departure. Trafalgar strongly advise that you consult your travel agent and the local Consulate or Embassy of the country you are visiting well in advance to determine which visas they require.

Why do I need to Express Check-In?


Trafalgar’s Express Check-In helps us provide you with the best possible travel experience, and so we can collect important details. We’ll use the information to tailor your trip, plus we’ll take your passport details and next-of-kin contacts.

When will I receive my booking documents?


Trafalgar Travel documents are usually sent 21 days prior to your trip’s departure by e-mail.

How much luggage can I bring?


You can bring one suitcase per person with the dimensions of 76cm x 46cm x 25cm (30” x 18” x 10”) and weight not exceeding 23kg (50 lbs) due to the limited space on the coach. You can also bring one piece of hand luggage, provided it is small enough to take on the Trafalgar coach and does not have telescopic handles.

Is luggage handling provided?


Trafalgar provide all baggage handling at no extra charge. One suitcase per person will be brought to your hotel room.

Are tips included?


Trafalgar will check you in, look after your luggage and take care of all hotel porterage, tips and gratuities –whether it is for restaurant staff, chambermaids or porters.

Can I bring a wheelchair on my trip?


Yes, in most circumstances you’re able to travel with a wheelchair on your trip, as long as you’re travelling with someone who’s willing to provide personal assistance. Please advise Trafalgar at the time of booking if you plan to bring a wheelchair to ensure we can meet your requirements.

Will I need to pack formal clothes?


This will depend on not only your personal preference, but the destinations you’re visiting and the time of year you’ll be travelling. Trafalgar recommend bringing at least one smart outfit for special evenings.

Will I need any vaccinations?


This will depend on your trip destinations. Speak to your travel agent or doctor to find out if vaccinations are required for the countries you will be visiting. If you’re taking medication or suffer from any form of illness, ensure you have an adequate supply of medication before departing for your holiday. For more information, Trafalgar recommend that you visit your country’s travel health and advice bureau website.

Coach Tours – What to know While on the Go!


Trafalgar are one of the most best coach tour operators out there and this is reflected in their ever growing popularity. Their attention to detail is renowned and this can be seen in their very useful guides to travelling.

Take a look below on a their handy guide whilst travelling on your remarkable coach tour.


Touring with Trafalgar

Touring with Trafalgar

What are Optional Experiences and when can I book them?

We realise that everyone likes some time to themselves, which is why we’ve left free time on all of our itineraries. You could spend it exploring, eating, shopping or relaxing. Or you could choose one of our Optional Experiences. If you want to get the most out of your destination, our Optional Experiences let you tailor your trip. Your Travel Director will tell you about all of the Optional Experiences available on the first day of your trip. Payment can be made by credit card or cash.


Why not visit the Moulin Rouge, France

Will I need electrical adapters?

Electrical plugs and outlets differ throughout the world. So Trafalgar recommend bringing a universal travel adapter that’s suitable for the countries you are travelling to.


Bring a universal travel adapter that’s suitable for the countries you are travelling to.

Will I be able to get laundry done?

Most hotels do offer a laundry service and in some cities Laundromats are also available. However, Trafalgar advise that it’s sensible to try and pack enough clothing to avoid having to do laundry, as it can sometimes be costly or inconvenient.


Laundromats may be available in some cities.

Is there seat rotation on the coach?

Yes, your  Trafalgar Travel Director will implement a seat rotation system, whereby all guests will rotate their seats on the coach daily. This allows for everyone to experience the spectacular views from different seats, and you’ll have a better opportunity to get to know your fellow travellers.


Trafalgar have a seat rotation system.

What if I become ill on my trip and am unable to continue?

Your Trafalgar Travel Director will assist you with a doctor’s visit or hospitalisation should you require. Trafalgar has a dedicated Customer Care Department in Europe, or our Operations Department in the relevant country will contact you to offer assistance and advice, coordinate with your travel insurance company and keep in touch until you are able to re-join the trip or return home. This service is included in the cost of your trip; however it is not a replacement for travel insurance, which we strongly advise you to purchase.


Trafalgar has a dedicated Customer Care Department in Europe.

What if I arrive late and miss a part of the trip?

We regret that no refunds can be made for absences from a trip, including experiences such as missed meals or sightseeing.


Try not to arrive late.

Can I drink the water in the countries I visit?

In Western Europe, Scandinavia, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, it’s fine to drink the water from a fresh-supply tap. For other countries, your Trafalgar Travel Director will let you know if it’s okay.


Always check that the water will be OK to drink.

Can I smoke on the coach?

There is a no smoking policy when on board the coach. We do, however, make plenty of comfort stops.

No smoking policy when on board the coach.

No smoking policy when on board the coach.