5 Places to Visit in Magical Wales!

The Welsh football team have been in the news lately for their historic run in the European Championships 2016.

Not since the 1958 World Cup  has this inspiring team got this far, their first finals in 58 years.

They have demonstrated what true team spirit is all about, and gained mush admiration around the world for their comradeship.


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But this demonstration of football support and unity is hardly surprising since Wales is a nation of proud people who have a distinct cultural identity.

This includes culturally rich customs, glorious music and its very own language.

Wales is known for its singing and has thus acquired its popular image of the “land of song”.

Over 560,000 people who live in Wales speak the welsh language, with the majority of the population living in the north and west speaking it.

The daffodil and leek are symbols of Wales, and a fiery red dragon stands at the centre of the Welsh national flag.


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Wales is also famous for its largely mountainous terrain, with high peaks in the north and centre.

See below some enchanting places to go next time you visit Wales:


1. Snowdonia

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In Snowdonia, you can travel by coach and find a beautiful range of hills and mountains consisting of 14 majestic peaks over 3,000 ft high.

Mount Snowdon is the most famous and highest peak in Wales and can be reached by the ‘Snowdon Mountain Railway’.

The Snowdon Mountain Railway is a narrow gauge rack and pinion that travels the 4.7 miles from Llanberis to the summit of Snowdon and all its glory.

Snowdonia National Park is one of the most popular hiking and climbing destinations in Britain and is included in the gruelling National Three Peaks Challenge!


2. Caernarfon Castle

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 Caernarfon Castle was built by King Edward I in the 13th Century for the first Prince of Wales.

It has 13 towers and two gates, making it one of the largest castles in the country and best-preserved medieval fortresses in the whole of Europe.

In 1969, HRH Prince Charles, the current Prince of Wales, had his investiture take place there.

Today, you can visit the castle by car or coach and take in many interesting and informative exhibitions and displays throughout the towers.


3. Brecon Beacons National Park

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Brecon Beacons National Park is a hiker’s paradise which has mountains in excess of 2,000 ft to explore.

This most beautiful part of Wales is also famous for its ponies or Welsh cobs, one of the world’s oldest and prettiest horse breeds, which can be found on the uplands of the Brecon Beacons.

 Again, you can get there by car or coach as well as train, so be sure to explore the park’s many enchanting mountains, caves and waterfalls.


4. Conwy

Conwy is a beautiful walled market town on the north coast of Wales.

Take a guided tour of the stunning castles, medieval architecture and amazing walls.

There are also many shops to explore and cafes to indulge in a coffee and while away the time.

You can also find the Smallest House in Great Britain, also known as the Quay House, on the quay in Conwy.


5. Llandudno

Why not take a coach trip to Llandudno?

Llandudno is a seaside classic, the largest seaside resort town in Wales, and often regarded as the “Queen of the Welsh Resorts”

This picturesque tourist destination is located on the north coast next to the Great Orme, a prominent limestone headland now run as a nature reserve.

The best views of the town and breathtaking outlook across the Irish Sea can be seen from the summit of the Great Orme, easily accessible by the heritage tramway.

Llandudno also boasts a unique Victorian promenade which doesn’t have the usual seaside shops and cafés, making it a more peaceful and delightful experience altogether.

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Expat Explore do an excellent tour of Britain around the festive season called the ‘Great Britain Christmas Tour’.

 The tour starts in England, taking in beautiful Cambridge and the great City of York, before heading into Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh where you will celebrate Christmas Day. You will then experience the amazing scenery of the Scottish Highlands while travelling to Liverpool – the home of ‘The Beatles’ and two world famous premier league football clubs! Next, head to Wales’ Capital, Cardiff  before visiting the birthplace of William Shakespeare – Straford-upon-Avonand. Next stop is Bath – a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring some of the finest architecture in Europe. Enjoy a guided walking tour of the town, and learn about the historical significance of the region, including the natural hot springs which supply the Roman baths the famous Roman Bath site in Bath.



Bath’s famous Roman Baths


Christmas time and New Year in Europe is also a fabulous place to be. Full-blown winter in Europe arrives in December and lasts until mid-March, and for most of Europe, winter is really cold. But winter in Europe is a celebration that greets you with the true warmth of festive joy and cheer. Snow-covered rooftops, Christmas markets and cities decorated with amazing displays of light will take your breath away.



Christmas market


Expat Explore also do an excellent tour of Europe called the ‘Europe Christmas Taster Tour’.

The tour starts in London and takes you on to Paris where you will see some of the city’s most treasured landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower! Spend two days in Paris before heading off to the Swiss Alps and the dramatic Swiss mountain scenery. Spend two days here soaking up the wonderful snow-capped peaks and tumbling mountain waterfalls. Take an optional excursion up to Jungfraujoch, the highest train station in Europe! Next, travel to Germany’s famous Rhine Valley and relax on board a Rhine riverboat which takes  you to your hotel in the heart of the Rhine Valley. This is the most concentrated stretch of castles in all of Europe, and it also features vineyards, charming medieval towns and lofty cliffs – wonderful at Christmas. For the next two days you can enjoy Christmas time in the Netherlands and Bruges, both enchanting places at the best of timers, never mind Christmas!



Bruges at Christmas


Some of the most popular and impressive destinations in Europe are just waiting to be explored on these Christmas and New Year tours. Recapture the magic of this wonderful time of year by doing something a bit different and discovering Europe’s Christmas cultural traditions as well as the truly delicious Christmas treats that are created especially for this magical time of year.


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CIE Tours uses three classes of hotels – first class (3-star), superior first class (4-star) or deluxe (5-star) properties on all their tours. They choose hotels in central locations or scenic regions and  deluxe hotels offer luxurious features which are often in unique settings.



 For a royal experience, choose one of the CIE deluxe tours where you can stay in 5-star properties including Ashford Castle or Dromoland Castle. Many other tours stay in 4-star castle hotels such as Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, Clontarf, Cabra or Kilronan Castle, giving you the experience on a more moderate budget.



Ashford Castle


5 star hotel

This famous castle dates back to the 13th century and now is one of Ireland’s most luxurious retreats. There are 83 bedrooms to choose from which are all individually designed with stunning views. Dine on superb cuisine in the elegant restaurant or enjoy afternoon tea or a snack in the lounge. The hotel offers spa facilities, golfing, horse riding, fishing and more. 



Enjoying Ashford castle!



Dromoland Castle Hotel

5 star hotel

One of Ireland’s premier hotels, this magnificent castle Hotel offers guests every imaginable facility and comfort. Guest rooms are furnished to an amazing standard of comfort whilst the spacious public rooms are filled with numerous antiques. The Finest cuisine is enhanced by an impeccable service. You can relax in the spa and health facilities or play a round of golf on the lovely landscaped grounds with a lake and 18-hole golf course. 

What’s more, just down the road is Bunratty Village for an opportunity to visit Bunratty Castle!



Enjoy a medieval feast at Bunratty Castle.


 CIE Tours also feature Bunratty Castle, as well as Knappogue and Cardiff Castle  on a number of tours offering Banquets.



Amazing view from Cardiff castle!

Plus, all itineraries visit plenty of more castles throughout Ireland and Britain – WOW!



Edinburgh Castle

The majestic Edinburgh Castle!


Windsor Castle

The very Royal Windsor Castle!



 What’s more, on all CIE Tours’ holidays that visit Edinburgh during the Tattoo dates, prime tickets to this event are included!

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